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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Even The "Fact Finders" Are Wrong When It Comes To Trump

FAKE NEWS: Trump Says Something True About Obamacare. So, Naturally, Politifact Lies About It.

On Thursday, left-wing fact-checker Politifact, a site known more for its
biases than its quality fact-checking, stepped into a pile of dung once again.
This time, they blasted President Trump with a fake news fact-check that
demonstrates just how dishonest they are.
Here’s their headline:
So, what did the White House say that was so wrong? Trump stated,
 “Obamacare has led to fewer health insurance options for millions of Americans.”

This is indisputably true. Just yesterday, Anthem Blue Cross pulled out of
the Obamacare exchanges in Wisconsin and Indiana. Health insurance rates
have risen dramatically. As CNBC reported last week, “As many as 1,200
counties are projected to have just one such insurer next year. More counties
 could be left ‘bare,’ or with just one insurer in coming weeks as insurers
 announce their intentions.” And this doesn’t take into account the fact that many
Obamacare plans have cut patients off from their doctors – if you liked your
 doctor, you couldn’t keep your doctor.
Those who have been added to the insurance rolls under Obamacare aren’t
 actually buying health insurance for the most part – they’re being forced
onto Medicaid.
So instead of dealing with that claim, Politifact made up an unrelated claim: that
 the number of insured had dropped overall. Nobody said that, though. If you count
Medicaid coverage – which doesn’t actually improve health outcomes – the
numbers are up. But that’s not what Trump claimed.
Here’s Politifact admitting the truth all the way at the bottom of their “fact-check”:
The sole thread of truth is that with the insurance exchanges set

up by the law, the number of carriers has dwindled.
Oh, you mean the only claim here was true? And you made up a series of
 alternative claims to knock down?
Politifact is ridiculous. Their drive to check “fake news” from the left only makes
 them purveyors of it.