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Friday, June 23, 2017

Sick Snowflakes Cannot Hear, See, Smell Or Taste Anything For Which They Disagree

Snowflakes Tried To Block THE DALAI LAMA From Speaking At A College Campus Because Apparently He’s Offensive Too

Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images
Graduation season is the best time for perpetually offended college students to
grind their axes and shut down any and all commencement speakers they may
 find offensive. Usually, leftist grievance-mongers target right-wing speakers
 (and by “right-wing” we mean anybody right of Joseph Stalin, not just self-
described conservatives). But the students at the University of California San
 Diego (USCD) have taken social justice warriorship to new heights.
Students from the Chinese Students and Scholars Association were triggered
 by their school’s decision to invite the Dalai Lama, the world-renowned Tibetan
spiritual leader and peace activist, to give a commencement address.
“When the planned commencement address was announced this winter, it drew
anger from many Chinese students, who comprise about 14 percent of the student body,” reports Reason Magazine. “Outraged Facebook comments criticized
 the choice as too divisive, a characterization that flies in the face of the the Dalai
Lama's cuddly western image as an exiled martyr.”
In an op-ed for the school’s newspaper, a Chinese-American student slammed
the Dalai Lama’s “separatist” campaign to free the people of Tibet from Chinese
rule, providing a one-sided and biased account of the spiritual leader’s supposed

"His conflict with our government caused property loss, deaths of innocent people,
and panic among the general public — even though he claims that he advocates
 for a nonviolent revolution,” said the offended student.
Ultimately, the public university’s administrators refused to acquiesce to the
snowflakes’ demands to rescind the Dalai Lama’s invitation; the spiritual leader’s
 commencement address on Saturday went on as planned. Echoing his routine
calls for unity and understanding, the Dali Lama spoke in the abstract about
creating a “better” and “happier” world without “violence” and “division.”
The college Left’s demands are only becoming more extreme. Snowflake
students are unhinged and seem to believe that they’re entitled to “safe spaces”
where their feelings are protected behind the walls of forceful censorship. What
began as a violent campaign to shut down conservative speakers like Ben
Shapiro, Charles Murray, and Christina Hoff Summers, has metastasized into
something altogether uncontrollable, a disturbing collective hysteria that
 separates people according to ethnic or religious tribe and incentivizes
unhinged behavior in the service of identity politics.
H/t Reason