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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Hillary's Name Comes Back Up For Colluding--Where's The Outrage?

How Hillary Clinton Colluded 

With China During The Election

 And No One Bat An Eye

  • 07/12/2017 
  • Source: AAN 
  • by: Remington Strelivo
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Donald Trump’s campaign staff is under fire from the mainstream media
 for meeting with foreign officials—but those same journalists didn’t bat an
 eye when Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign did the same thing.

An email leaked by Wikileaks last month ago—and tweeted out yesterday 
afternoon by Sean Hannity—shows the Clinton campaign plotting a “private, 
off-the-record” meeting with the Chinese ambassador.

The email, sent to high-ranking Clinton staffers including campaign chairman
 John Podesta read:

“Guys — Chinese Ambassador Cui invited me over to the residence Tuesday 
for a coffee and to make a request. He wants to have an informal, private, off 
the record get together with a few of us to discuss the next year and the current
 state of US-China affairs. He asked me to host a social meal at my house in
 the next month. He was fairly insistent and indicated he wanted to pass along
 some perspectives.”

It’s unclear of what Cui intended to discuss at the meeting—but it’s clear that
 there’s a clear double standard when it comes to “collusion” by a presidential 
campaign with a foreign government.

Right now, President Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., is under fire for
 meeting with a Russian lawyer—who may or may not have ties to the Kremlin.
Other staff members, including current and former members of Trump’s
 administration, have also been criticized by Democrats for meeting with
 the Russian ambassador.

But, at some point, the left needs to admit that meeting with foreign officials 
might just be part of running a campaign—and, if Clinton’s campaign was
 able to get away with it, they should rethink their hysteria over Trump’s