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Monday, March 27, 2017

ObamaCrapCare Replacement Bill Did Not Meet Republican Promises. It Should Have Died.

BREAKING: Trumpcare Bill PULLED From House Floor After Conservatives Reject It

Getty Images
In what was a marked defeat for President Trump and Speaker of the House 
Paul Ryan despite confident predictions all week from both, House Republicans 
went into recess rather than voting on Trumpcare, the American Health Care Act.
 Democrats taunted them as the House was recessed, chanting for a vote.
Trump apparently told Robert Costa of The Washington Post, “We pulled it.”
It’s unclear what happens next. Some reporter state that the vote has been 
postponed, and that further meetings will take place shortly in the House. Others
 state that the vote has been cancelled outright.
In recent hours, it became clear that Ryan and Trump, despite threats and pleas, 
didn’t have the votes to pass the AHCA, which essentially maintained the basic 
premises of Obamacare while worsening the so-called health insurance death 
spiral and doing little to cut costs over time. Ryan visited Trump earlier today to 
explain the situation – but even as that happened, members of the White House
 staff kept maintaining that the vote would be held today, or Trump would simply
 drop the health care issue entirely.

This failure, barring a stunning turnaround, could create a range of horrible 
political consequences for Republicans. Ryan’s speakership could be called 
into question, despite Trump’s support; Trump could decide to break entirely
 from Ryan’s legislative agenda and go it alone, attempting to cast Ryan as the 
fall guy in this debacle; Reince Priebus could pay a price inside the White 
House with Steve Bannon benefitting.
Or the House could do its job and go back to the drawing board.
We’ll keep you updated as events progress.