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Monday, March 27, 2017

Talk About Fake News!

A Week of McCarthyism: CNN Caught Dropping Two Massive Pieces of Fake News

If you want to understand just how dishonest CNN is, just how desperate the
 left-wing network is to destroy Trump, keep the following in mind… On
 February 14, 2017, CNN openly celebrated the fact that the Obama administration's spying on the Trump campaign had resulted in a
resignation. Then, just about three weeks after that report, when Trump called
Obama out over this spying (that was reported by CNN), the face of the network,
 Jake Tapper, spent weeks assaulting Trump as a liar.
So… CNN gleefully reports that the Obama administration's wiretap (how else
would there be a "transcript" of the phone call?) brought down Gen. Mike
Flynn, and then CNN blasts Trump for believing CNN's own reporting.
On top of that, CNN wants Trump dead. No, really.
How else do you explain the Climate of Hate the network is intentionally
 creating around Trump ("unmoored," "unhinged," "un-American," 
direct Hitler comparisons) even as threats against the White House

With all this in mind, it should come to the surprise of absolutely no one that
CNN dropped two Massive Pieces of Fake News last week, the kind of Fake
News that can only be described as McCarthyism; because what we have in
 both cases are red-baiting smears connected to RussiaGate -- allegations
intentionally and dishonestly crafted to sound like smoking guns, when the
truth is that there is no news, no story, no facts, no nothing other than big, fat,
 juicy lies.  
1) The FBI Might Kinda Have Proof Perchance That Trump Possibly 
Sorta Maybe Perhaps!
On Wednesday evening, just hours after House Intelligence Chairman Devin
Nunes dramatically dropped the bomb about the Obama administration spying
on Team Trump (we already knew this, though, because the media had 
reported on it), CNN breathlessly broke the BREAKING NEWS that, that,
that… that they had no news …. just a piece of naked McCarthyism designed
 to take everyone's eyes off of Obama's impeachable spying behavior: [emphasis
The FBI has information that indicates associates of President Donald Trump communicated with suspected Russian operatives to possibly coordinate the release of information damaging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, US officials told CNN.
There is no news there. None. Not a drib. Not a drab. And yet, just like CNN did
 to put the phony Russian dossier into play, the left-wing network
 stopped the world to report what can only be described as a smear -- as a
Nothingburger dressed up to look like a smoking gun.
PowerLine explains:
Sounds like a blockbuster, right? Only the story contains no actual

news. …
The “US officials” are Democrats, likely Obama administration holdovers, embedded in the federal bureaucracy. They are the same leakers we have been hearing from for months now, as they work feverishly to undermine the Trump administration. CNN, their collaborator, is trying to undermine the Trump administration, too.
Note that this lead paragraph says nothing at all. What does “to possibly coordinate” mean? It means that there isn’t any evidence.
And that all adds up to nothing less than a LIE.
2) Mike Flynn Rolled Over and Trump Is On His Way To Jail!
On Don Lemon's Friday evening show, CNN dropped the Fake News Bombshell
 that Gen. Mike Flynn had rolled over for the F.B.I. -- was squealing like a canary, 
see… to the dirty screws, see… which could only mean there was actual
wrongdoing and that the RussiaGate scandal was about to blow wide open.
CNN analyst Juliette Kayyem to Lemon:
It is starting to look like, from my sources and then also from open reporting, that Mike Flynn is the one who may have a deal with the FBI and that’s why we have not heard from him for some time. If that is true…
Obviously, this CNN bombshell immediately exploded on social media.
But there was just one problem….
CNN made it all up.
Just hours after CNN dropped this Fake News, just hours after a CNN analyst told
 the world that her "sources" and "open reporting" informed her that Flynn had
made a deal with the F.B.I. -- news that would be the biggest political scandal in
 decades -- she then ran to Facebook to backtrack, to basically say it was all
 manufactured nonsense…
But, to be clear, I did not say on this segment that I have any confirmation that he is actually cooperating or that I have talked to anyone who does.
Oh, okay.
As far as I know, however, CNN has not retracted what their own analyst has
 admitted is a false claim.
This is why CNN is now, officially, The Least Trusted Name In News.
This is why CNN is in last place, has fewer viewers than MSNBC.
And this is why I call CNN "Hitler."