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Monday, April 3, 2017

Can We Do Some Housecleaning Now That Trump Is In Charge?

Taylor Johnson: Heroic ICE Agent, Was My Client, Persecuted by Harry Reid, DHS – VIDEO


Dept of Jihadist Security Artwork by Fred Taub of Boycott Watch
You must watch this video below of Taylor Johnson, a heroic and courageous Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent and investigator, testifying before the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Wednesday. I am limited in what I can say because I previously represented Taylor in this case. Taylor discovered that Homeland Security’s Citizenship and Immigration Services was rubber stamping citizenship for many aliens from China and Muslim countries without doing adequate background checks. And she was persecuted for doing the investigation, for doing her job. Who was doing the persecuting? Although she doesn’t say so in the video, it was Harry Reid, whose lawyer son represents one of those involved. I’m not disclosing anything confidential by saying so, as this was made public in several reports issued by House and Senate committee investigations and is in the public domain.

Taylor is a patriot and incredibly brave to come forward and testify about what happened to her. I can tell you that in her brief statement, she identifies only the tip of the iceberg in how much she was persecuted after Harry Reid got ICE to shut down her investigation. This is a woman who loved her job and is a brilliant investigator. But she was ostracized and made to feel like dirt, even after she willingly followed orders and ended her investigation.
Taylor was put on desk duty and taken off of all investigations and so on. And, as she notes in the video, she was falsely accused of engaging in criminal wrongdoing and nearly lost the child she was adopting. (The child is a relative of hers whom she was willingly adopting and raising as her own when other relatives could not do it.) ICE superiors took her gun and ordered her to serve warrants in dangerous areas without protection. This was after they sent out a memo saying that she was also not allowed to own her own personal gun. (ICE agents don’t have Second Amendment rights?!) This is what they do at Homeland Security and ICE to those who do their jobs, when it gets in the way of Harry Reid’s agenda, with Barack Obama’s approval. And Taylor is not the only agent to whom this has happened. She’s just the only one brave enough to speak out and risk losing everything.
All because she found–in an investigation she was assigned to do by her superiors–that foreign nationals from China, Iran, Pakistan, and other dangerous locales were being improperly rubber stamped for citizenship with little or no background checks. And even though she willingly followed orders and instructions and shut the investigation down, she was persecuted endlessly for having done the investigation in the first place.
I was going to write that America would be better off with even five more Agent Taylor Johnsons at the Department of Homeland Security. But I know that there are many, many agents just like Taylor at DHS. I know a lot of them. However, when they try to do their jobs and uncover major national security breaches like this–and the government looks the other way and shuts them down–they are silenced and persecuted just like Taylor Johnson. They can’t risk doing anything or speaking out because they risk losing their careers and salaries, being falsely accused of criminal wrongdoing, and so on. Which is exactly what is happening to Taylor Johnson.
Think about that the next time you hear the name, “Department of Homeland Security.” The Department isn’t concerned with your security. And the next time you hear the name, “Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”
Taylor Johnson investigated and found a major national security immigration breach at Homeland Security. And the only thing “enforced” was Homeland Security’s unconscionable efforts to make her life miserable.
With this type of atmosphere at Homeland Security, the best and brightest agents are leaving in droves and have been for years. Meanwhile, terrorists and other malefactors easily get into this country with Homeland Security’s approval and rubber stamp.
Don’t you feel safe?