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Monday, April 3, 2017

There Is An Army Of Government Trump Haters Fighting Him At Every Turn. They Don't Realize He Won The Election!

Former Assist. FBI Director: “Embedded Fifth Column Working Against Trump”

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A former assistant FBI director, James Kallstrom, who worked for the agency during the Clinton administration attacked the criminal intelligence community leaks, calling them “disgusting and disgraceful.”
He likened those responsible for direct attempts to undermine the President as a “fifth column.” He said they are embedded in the White House and intelligence agencies and are working against President Trump directly and shamelessly.
Those of us who looked on Trump’s early campaign fairly from the very beginning quickly became suspicious of the overarching attempts by the media to defame him. Many people who support Trump today did not think much of him at first. It was the slow progression of seeing incident after incident of very skewed reporting in support of DNC instantiated violence at Trump rallies and Hillary’s obvious attempts to steal votes that got so many more on Trump’s side.
One alternative media reporter said, “What got me on Trump’s voter rolls once and for all was when it was leaked that Hillary Clinton shouted at one of her staffers saying, ‘if that son of a b—- wins, we all hang from nooses.’”
Indeed, many Trump voters support him on the simple premise that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. With the growing appearance of deep state criminality and deep state opposition to Trump it seems clear that what Kallstrom calls a Fifth Column working to destroy the Trump administration is very real.
“There have been leaks from time to time throughout the history of the office of the president, but nothing like today,” Kallstrom told interviewers. “What we have now is a massive fifth column that has many enlisted within it, is well funded, and is marching with great determination against our newly elected President… and marching with equal determination against the American people, culture and way of life.
“And,” he added, “It is disgusting.”
Kallstrom commented that the surveillance of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign – whether it was legal or not – should have been “terminated” when it began to capture the information of American citizens incidentally.
But, he says when it began to capture the information of “political appointments at high levels of office,” to discredit President Trump then that is clearly seditious, if not treasonous.
“I want an investigation of this wiretapping,” Kallstrom said. “And I hope that we get to the bottom of it very soon. How many people have been privy to that information? To where and for how long was it disseminated? Who gave the series of authorizations that would be needed to release the names of the American citizens who were placed under this surveillance?”
“We need to sort this out completely and get to the bottom of it quickly. It’s not a political issue. This is not about which party is being spied on and which party is doing the spying. This is about the rule of law in this country and the right of the individual citizen to his life and property that includes his private information.”
Kallstrom went on to say that the political embeds reach all the way back to the Bill Clinton administration in the late 1990s. He suggests that this illegal and unconstitutional apparatus has been in construction since then.
“The Clinton team have not left- they never leave until they’re physically taken out of the building,” he said. “That’s Clinton policy.”
“As far as this group goes, it’s part of the fifth column that started with Bill, Clinton and you have to blast these people out by any means necessary. They will do whatever can be done within the realm of possibility to make the Trump administration fail.”
Kallstrom agreed that most of the appointees are “patriots.” But they have “lost their way and take political sides in these kinds of battles.”
“Obama handed Trump a boat load of problems,” Kallstrom said. “Even the Director of the FBI, James Comey has been very inconsistent on the things that he has said publicly and the things that he refuses to discuss.”
Most Americans, polls show, distrust the mainstream media and disregard most negative things they say about Trump. Americans understand that intelligence agencies harbor anti-Trump factions and that these factions have access to the drafting rooms at the major news networks.
More than 60% of Americans believe that Trump was spied on before he became president and that we are all subject to the same surveillance.
“The lying is totally out of control,” Kallstrom said. “We need to rein this back in. Americans deserve better than this absolute lunacy.”
~ American Liberty Report