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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Freedom Of Speech Is One Thing, Encouraging The Assassination Of A President Is Another.

Michael Moore Gives Big Money 

to Group That Staged Trump 


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Michael Moore Gives Big Money to Group That Staged Trump Assassination
Wikimedia Commons
Michael Moore stepped up his attacks on President Donald Trump with a 
donation of $10,000 to the New York City Public Theater that produced the
 adaption of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” depicting the assassination of a
 Donald Trump-like character

“Right-wing media attacked free showings of Julius Caesar cause they said 
tone was ‘anti-Trump,'” the 63-year-old filmmaker tweeted Tuesday to his 
4.92 million followers. 

“So Bank of America & Delta dropped funding,” he added before tweeting, 
“So here’s my donation & sponsorship to The Public’s Shakespeare in the 
Park in support of their right to free speech.” He included a photo of his 
check to the theater.
“In a time like this, it is important that we stand up against any attempts to
 censor art or free expression, especially by denying this expression the 
funding that it needs,” Moore said. “As one who is about to stage my first 
theatrical event on Broadway, neither I nor anyone else in the theater should
 feel intimidated by what’s happened here or ever worry about how much 
control certain sponsors or investors have over our work.”