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Monday, June 26, 2017

Oh Oh, Pretend Cop Gets Busted

Man Pretends to Be Cop, Ends up Pulling Over an Actual Cop

A Florida man posing as a cop attempted to pull over a vehicle and exercise his self-declared authority, but ended up behind bars after he discovered the car he pulled over was being driven by a real police officer.
According to WTVJ, 46-year-old Milton Morales-Perez, a security guard from Hialeah, was driving around Miami when he attempted to pull over a black Ford Taurus that was actually an unmarked police vehicle.
Inside sat Kenia Fallat, Public Information Officer for the Miami Police Department — who was wearing her uniform at the time. She quickly called for backup when the wanna-be “cop” flashed his fake badge at her.

The police report detailed how Morales-Perez had pulled alongside Fallat’s vehicle, flashed his silver badge while identifying himself as a police officer in Spanish, and then proceeded to order her to hang up her cell phone and pull over.
The Miami Herald reported that two Miami police officers quickly responded to Fallat’s call for backup and confronted Morales-Perez at the scene.
When asked why he had ordered Fallat to pull over her vehicle, Morales-Perez explained that he did so because “it is very dangerous to be on the phone while driving.”
True, but it was not under his authority to do anything about it, fake badge notwithstanding.
The security guard was ultimately taken into custody and has been charged with one count of impersonating a police officer.
Florida statute 843.08 — False Personation reveals that Morales-Perez likely committed a third degree felony by impersonating a police officer. If convicted, he could receive up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000.
It seems like a reasonable bet that he won’t be bragging to the other inmates about how he ended up in jail.

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