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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Does CNN Have Electronic Gremlins Or Are They Blaming Their "Losing Our Feed" Problems As A Way Of Preventing Opposition Points Of View?

Fake News: Watch What This 

Liberal Network Did After

This Woman Trashed Obamacare

The liberal media isn't doing such a great job winning back the public trust. 
Here's a good example, via the Free Beacon:
President Donald Trump held a listening session on Monday with those who

were negatively impacted by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), when CNN's

feed went to black and cut back to CNN host John King immediately after a woman shared her story. 

Seriously. Check it out:


This is great. It's also not the first time CNN "lost its feed" at a convenient
 moment. A cursory Google search reveals a few instances.

There was the time Rep. Chris Collins mentioned Wikileaks revelations
 that suggested Hillary Clinton was dishonest and his feed was mysteriously cut:


Then there was the time CNN "lost its feed" after a guest began citing
 refugee crime statistics:

And the time they "lost their feed" when a Muslim woman defended her 
vote for Trump:

CNN doesn't just have a feed problem, they have a credibility problem.