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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Dumb Criminal!

BREAKING: Bomb Found in New York City

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A bag full of bomb parts was found in New York's Port Authority this morning.
 The 42nd street station is home to multiple bus and subway lines and sees
 thousands of pedestrians a day. As the New York Post reports:
An unassembled explosive device was found in an abandoned suitcase

inside the Port Authority Bus Terminal, police sources said Thursday.

Port Authority cops found the luggage around 5:15 P.M. Wednesday on the

first floor of the terminal’s south wing near Deli Plus.

A PAPD K-9 unit inspected the suitcase and brought it to a police substation

within the bus terminal, sources said.

When officers opened the bag, they saw what appeared to be an

unassembled “flash bang grenade” along with a knife, bolt cutters and

screw drivers, the source added.
Flash bang grenades are meant to stun, but they've been known to
 malfunction and seriously injure people. 

Police arrested Arsenio Mason, a Jersey City resident came looking for the
 bag and was arrested. 

CBS NY reports that Mason has been arrested 29 times. There's no word on
 his religious or political affiliations yet.