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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

If Democrats Need To Find Corruption, They Should First Clean Their Own House Starting With Hillary And Bill!

The Clinton Foundation Is Under Fire Again

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It didn’t take long for Hillary Clinton to recover from her devastating loss enough to make worthless and counterproductive public statements. She has been quite open in her criticism of Trump despite his willingness to bury the hatchet. Just as quickly as she stepped back into the spotlight, she is finding cause to regret the attention.
While Trump has kept his word and hasn’t pursued legal action against her crimes while Secretary of State, Congress has other plans. Once again, her decisions and the Clinton Foundation are under fire.
A New Investigation

Iowa’s Republican Senator Chuck Grassley has taken charge of a new investigation. Very specifically, he is trying to discern whether or not Hillary Clinton tried to stop a Bangladeshi corruption probe. The probe was targeting a major Clinton Foundation donor, and allegations suggest that Clinton used her position as Secretary of State to pressure Bangladesh into abandoning their own investigation.
Grassley has already contacted the State Department to acquire evidence, and he is seeking conclusive data to show if she violated the law with these actions. This spells even more bad news for the Clintons, their foundation and the Democratic Party.
The Back Story

Politicians often blur and cross ethical lines. To understand why this particular case is worthy of our attention, we need to review the more important details. The Bangladeshi investigation in question was a corruption probe into the Yunus and Grameen Bank. Run by Muhammad Yunus, the bank was a major donor to the Clinton Foundation and recipient of a number of high-dollar grants and loans from the U.S. government. Yunus is also a known close associate and friend of the Clintons. Things already look shady, but it was Hillary’s direct action that is the worst part and the focus of Grassley’s investigation.
When Yunus came under fire, allegations suggest that Clinton abused her power to protect him. The son of Bangladesh’s Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, was threatened with an IRS audit if the probe wasn’t abandoned. At the time, he had been living in the U.S. for over a decade. A number of other veiled threats were leveled at the family, and ultimately the probe was dropped. If any of this proves true, it would be another devastating blow for the already untrusted State Department. It could also lead to criminal charges against Clinton.
The Legal Specifics

While every American is comfortable with the knowledge that the Clintons are criminals, this specific case has its own set of dedicated laws. Most importantly, there is federal law that prohibits executive branch members from investigating personal matters without a waiver. Clinton did not have this waiver, so the investigation seeks to prove whether or not her actions constitute illegal involvement with the Bangladeshi probe. There is no question that she had a personal attachment through Clinton Foundation money and the involvement of an admitted friend. The real evidence will boil down to substantiating the threats leveled against the Prime Minister’s family and tying Clinton directly to those threats.
There is also a loophole that could enable her to escape justice once again. Even if Grassley can prove Clinton’s involvement and charges are levelled, Clinton could be exonerated if she can demonstrate that her involvement was in the best interests of the country.

This investigation is in its earliest stage. There is little that we can conclude at this point, but there are a few important tidbits. First, the damage to the Clintons and Democrats is already done. They can’t sustain additional suspicion.
It’s also worth noting that this investigation is happening without any Trump involvement. He did not order or even suggest the probe, and so far he has made no statements on the matter. The left may still try to pin this on Trump, but the facts already show that this is not a witch hunt. Finally, this suggests a dramatic climate change in Washington. Clinton lost and is by and large out of politics, but in the wake of Trump’s efforts to drain the swamp, Congress is showing that they are losing their taste for tolerating corruption.
Evidence of Democratic (and especially Clinton-led) corruption never comes as a surprise. It is a complete change of direction to see the threat of consequence for that corruption. Trump has not been president for half a year yet, and already the changes are significant. This is the first small step towards a government that might actually function. The highest members of every branch will be sweating to know that they have lost their free reign. Bit by bit, the swamp has already begun to drain.
~ American Liberty Report