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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Caitlin Jenner Makes A "Mistake"

Caitlyn Jenner Infuriates the Left After Wearing Political Hat


Former Olympian Bruce Jenner, otherwise know as Caitlyn Jenner, triggered liberals this week after being spotted wearing a stunning hat while driving around in a Spitfire convertible on Thursday.
The reality star and the nation’s most famous transgender was caught on camera wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat — and easily offended liberals went bananas.
Ironically, Jenner told TMZ that wearing the hat was a mistake — that Jenner had grabbed the hat on the way to play tennis without noticing the famous stitching. For Jenner, supporting President Donald Trump was the last thing a transgender should do after the president reinstated a ban on transgenders in the military last week.

But by the time the TMZ interview got out, it was tooo late to stop the chorus of denunciation that came Jenner’s way.
And maybe the best part of the whole story is Jenner’s claim to have decided to wear the hat, even after realizing what it said, just to protect a hairdo from the convertible’s open winds. (Apparently, putting the top up wasn’t an option for some reason.) Jenner claimed to have made the drive home from tennis, hoping no one would see it.
Apparently, vanity over physical appearance outweighs even misguided political principles for a certain class of Hollywood celebrity.
In a post for the ultra-liberal TeenVogue, Eli Erick wrote, “People need to stop giving Caitlyn the benefit of the doubt. She is neither a transgender activist nor a leader in our community. She is persistently defending Trump and continually makes racist statements herself.”
Liberals on Twitter also melted down.

I really can't feel sorry for Caitlyn Jenner anymore. To this days you're still rocking a MAGA hat? wow.

And if all of that was not enough, in an interview on MSNBC, Amy Dubois Barnett claimed Jenner was “flaunting her residual white male privilege” by wearing the hat.
Take a look:

Residual white male privilege? Seriously? How does that even work? Jenner’s so-called “residual white male privilege” is a desperate reach but it proved just how far Democrats will go to attempt to prove an absurd point.
Jenner could have avoided all of this mess by not putting vanity first.
But as Shakespeare said, vanity, thy name is … Caitlyn.
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What do you think of Jenner's excuse for wearing this hat?