McMaster has also been accused of purging the Trump administration of officials who follow the president’s lead of taking a tough stance against Iran. Just recently, McMaster removed Trump aide Ezra Cohen-Watnick from the National Security Council, The Jerusalem Post reports. Cohen-Watnick is one of the most notable anti-Iran hawks in the White House.
NSA Advisor H.R. McMaster has ties to a think tank connected to Hungarian billionaire George Soros.  Do you think this affects his work as National Security Advisor?

Is NSA Advisor H.R. McMaster too biased to serve?

Other prominent aides removed by McMaster include Derek Harvey, who held the Middle East portfolio at NSC, and Rich Higgins, who served as the NSC’s director of strategic planning. In each case, McMaster has replaced the Iran hard-liners with officials whose views on Iran more closely align with his own–and with IISS’s.
Not only has IISS been critical of President Trump’s approach to Iran, they also receive money from George Soros. IISS has received money from the Ploughshares Fund, a controversial group that helped market the Iran deal during Obama’s presidency. Ploughshares is in turn financed by George Soros’s Open Society Institute.
The Daily Caller reveals how the Open Society Institute regularly contributes to leftist political causes and candidates around the world. It appears Trump’s America First policy is being thwarted at every turn by his national security advisor. The president will soon have to decide whether the experience McMaster brings to the table is worth alienating his base and hindering his goals in the Middle East.