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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Another Day, Another Set Of Bad News

Multiculturalism: Iraqi Refugee Charged With Raping 13-Year-Old European Girl

Photo by Volker Hartmann/Getty Images
FEBRUARY 22, 2017
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In the latest "multiculturalism" news, an unnamed 37-year-old Iraqi refugee
 has been arrested and charged with the rape of a 13-year-old German girl at a
 railway station, reports Express.
After the refugee brutally attacked the young girl in November of 2016, he fled
the country and used a long list of aliases to take cover. Police officials later
 discovered the alleged criminal when he tried to gain entry to a holding camp
in Hungary, where he has now been detained. 
VIDEO Three arrested for Facebook Live 'gang-rape'

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"When authorities took his fingerprints they realized a European Arrest Warrant
had been issued under one of his aliases," notes Express. 
Germany has been riddled with sex abuse at the hands migrants since 2015,
when German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the flood gates to over
 1 million refugees, many from cultures that reject Western values. 
In January of 2016, German authorities confirmed nearly 1,000 Muslim

 refugees carried out a coordinated attack on German women bringing
 in the New Year, sexually assaulting, raping and robbing an estimated 100
In June, two Muslim refugees in Germany raped a woman in a park. Their
reasoning? "We were having a bad day.”
In December, a 17-year-old Afghan refugee was detained by German
 authorities for the rape and murder of 19-year-old university student, Maria
 Ladenburger, the daughter of a top EU official. 
And the list goes on. 
Other European nations have suffered greatly by such praised-by-the-left multiculturalism. A litany of sex attacks on women have taken place all over
 Europe by Muslim migrants coming from a culture that views women as
 inferior to men. Sweden, for example, has been dubbed "the rape capital 
of the West."