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Thursday, February 23, 2017

When Multiple Agencies Have Access To NSA Data, There Will Be Some Who Will Abuse It For Their Own Advantage

BOMBSHELL: Obama Signed ‘Secret Order’ 17 Days BEFORE Leaving Office to DESTROY Trump

On November 8, when Obama realized that his chosen successor had actually lost to Donald Trump, he scrambled to get a plan into place to undermine the new President. So far, it has worked.

Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law &Justice, has just revealed that Barack Obama gave new intelligence agencies access to the NSA’s surveillance material, which was the source of the downfall of Michael Flynn. 
Like so many of Obama’s decisions, this was a very bad move for our national security.
Previously, only the NSA would have access to their materials. If they found something that would be of use to another agency, they would forward the information, with privacy protection if necessary.
This kept sensitive data in as few hands as possible. Now, with thirteen new agencies looking through the material as they wish, Obama has made the leaking of our national secrets more likely. I would hazard a guess that Obama chose the agencies with specific loyalists to him in mind.

y)won’t just affect Michael Flynn, this could effect anyone from Trump’s Administration, and any kind of sensitive information the NSA has gathered. In seeking to destroy Trump, Obama has actually made our whole nation more vulnerable.
Isn’t it just like a Democrat to put their own political ambitions and beliefs before the safety of our nation and the privacy of our citizens?
One of Sekulow’s guests brings up a very important point, that the Obama Administration may have made this change, and others, at the last minute because they did not want to operate under the new rules.
Obama wouldn’t like it if tons of people from the intelligence community had access to data on his Administration, because if a leak did happen, it would be very difficult to find and charge the leaker.
Throughout Sekulow’s segment he and his guests called this a “soft coup.” They may seem dramatic right now, but wait until the loyalist moles in the intelligence community starts going after even more people from the Trump Administration, and even our President himself.
We can’t let them get away with this treason. Trump needs to reduce the number of people getting access to the NSA’s intelligence, now!
What do you think of Obama’s last minute move?