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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

If More Liberals Knew These Stories, They Would Not Be As Open About Refugees

Liberal Feminist Takes In Muslim Refugee For The Night, Wakes Up To Horrifying Surprise In Her Bedroom Hours Later

Liberal Feminist Takes In Muslim Refugee For The Night, Wakes Up To Horrifying Surprise In Her Bedroom Hours Later
If you’re a liberal with a lust for Muslim migrant refugees, then you surely better pay close attention to this story.
A woman who claimed to be feminist had joined the “Refugees Welcome” group in Germany. She thought it was a good idea to lead by example and let a refugee stay in her home.
Her first mistake was being a liberal and a feminist. The second was letting some unknown, non-vetted, Muslim refugee into her living space.
She found out the hard way when she woke up in the middle of being RAPED by the Muslim refugee. Luckily, she pushed him off and ran to get help from her brother who was nearby in the same apartment.
The sick Muslim refugee was arrested and dealt a very short sentence.
The names of this story were withheld by the original source. Perhaps to protect her privacy, but I’m not sure why the Muslim criminal name was withheld.
This story is exactly why people don’t want refugees in America.
The self-proclaimed feminist, who is 20-years-old, had joined an organization called “Refugees Welcome,” which pairs people who have a spare room with a refugee in need of a place to sleep, in various countries all over the world.
Soon after, her 26-year-old refugee roommate arrived. The victim says that he had tried to make advances on her the evening before the rape, October 25, 2015, but she had turned him down.
A judge sentenced the rapist to only a two-and-a-half-year jail sentence in June of 2016. But, the migrant’s lawyer demanded an acquittal, which resulted in a year being added to his sentence.
The “Refugees Welcome” program should be shut down immediately. I can’t imagine how many terrorists they funnel into countries by claiming they are refugees and the person hosting them is just a nice guy or girl.
You’re joking right? This is how you sneak refugees into any country.
This is why you don’t let them in your home or your homeland.
They’re not right in the head. They rape, murder, and ruin everywhere they go.
Want more evidence? Then look up Maria Ladenburger’s story.
Tell us how you feel after reading what happened to her.