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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

If You Are A Woman, Would You Wear A Hijab? If You Are A Man, Would You Allow Your Wife To Wear A Hijab?

Are You Ready For The Battle of the Hijab? Well, Get Ready.

FEBRUARY 21, 2017
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The hijab has been under fire for a little while now, with France
banning the face-covering veils worn by Muslim women way back
 in 2010.
But the whole hubbub died down fairly quickly. Until now.
Suddenly, the hijab -- and who does or does not wear it -- is back in
the headlines big time.
Earlier this month, the Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Lofven, led a
delegation to Iran. Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei met him and the talks
 were warm and wonderful. But in Sweden, the headlines were all about
 the female government officials who went along on the trip and chose to
wear Islamic headscarves while in Iran.
The 11 women wore them "almost all the time," adhering to the laws of Iran.
This was big news because Lofven describes his government as “feminist."
This hit Twitter and exploded.
One official said she didn't want to wear it, but "it is law in Iran that women
 must wear the veil. One can hardly come here and break the laws,” she
told the Swedish Expressen newspaper. 
An opposition party member said that was no excuse, calling the
 headscarf “a symbol of oppression for women in Iran.” 
Now, two more incidents have occurred, igniting what will soon be a big,
fat fire.
Iran on Monday banned chess grandmaster Dorsa Derakhshani from the
 national team for not wearing a hijab. The head of Iran's Chess Federation,
 Mehrdad Pahlevanzadeh, said: "The first step in dealing with them would
 be to deprive them from every game that is played in Iran and in the name
of Iran, and they will not have the chance to be on the national team,"
according to India Today.
On Tuesday, French far-right National Front presidential candidate Marine
 Le Pen made headlines when she bailed on a Tuesday with Lebanon's
grand mufti. The reason: She didn't want to wear a headscarf.
"You can pass on my respects to the grand mufti, but I will not cover
myself up," she said.
Also this past weekend, the inaugural ‘Modest Fashion Week’ was held to
 pitch clothing to Muslim consumers. The event was "sponsored by a makeup
 brand who refuse to sell products to supporters of U.S. President Donald J.
Trump," Breitbart News reported.
So, the whole can of worms is open again -- and you can expect the debate
 to wash ashore in America pretty soon. But don't look for Melania Trump
to be donning a hijab any time soon. Not gonna' happen.