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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Protesters Spend The Holiday Failing To Admit That Trump Won

This is How Thousands of 

Moronic Liberals Celebrated 

Presidents Day

  • 02/20/2017 
  • Source: AAN 
  • by: AAN Staff
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Thousands of liberals gathered today in an effort to virtue signal the 
American public and whine about a reality they helped bring about. As 
Townhall notes:
Thousands of protesters will gather in cities across the nation Monday

to protest President Donald Trump on Presidents Day.

“Donald Trump stands against the progress we have worked hard to

enact,” Facebook descriptions of the events read. “He does not

represent our interests. He was voted in by a minority of the American

public but governs as if there's no resistance. But there is — and on

February 20th, we will honor previous presidents by exercising our

constitutional right to assemble and peacefully protest everything

Donald Trump stands for.”

More than 47,000 people said they were interested in attending the

New York City event Monday, while tens of thousands of others said

they would be going to protests in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington,

D.C., and Baltimore, among other cities.  
Memo to liberals: Grow up. Donald Trump is your president. Elections
 have consequences. If you lose, you respect the result and you go 
about trying to figure out what went wrong. As the National Review's
 Mark Antonio Wright noted back in November:
The duty of an American citizen is to respect the office of the president

of the United States, support the policies of the man holding that office

when he agrees with those policies, and fight those policies when he

doesn’t. He is the president, however, and that means he is rightly due

the appropriate level of republican deference becoming of his office.

An American citizen should always hope and pray that the president

uses his powers wisely and justly. And he should, of course, criticize a

president vocally when he fails in that duty.
So yeah, grow up.