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Friday, March 10, 2017

Israel's Security Wall Has Been An Unparalleled Success. Can US Learn From Israel?

March 08, 2017

Israel’s security wall:

 A model for America?


On assignment in Israel, I had a fascinating conversation with
 IDF Col. (Ret) Dany Tirza, who headed strategic development
for Israel’s security wall.
Construction began in 2002, and had reduced terror attacks
 originating in the West Bank by approximately 99 per cent.
Tirza tells me that between three to five people still try to
cross the barrier illegally every day. Most are criminals but
 he adds that others include:
"Palestinian women that are running away from their families.

You know what happens to a Palestinian wife if her husband

suspects her. She'd better run away."
Tirza and I also discuss the dramatic demographic shift in
 the nearby town of Bethlehem. Once majority Christian, it
 is now overwhelmingly Muslim. I asked who was responsible
 for driving the Christians out, and his answer may surprise you.
We also talked about the logistics of the barrier, and whether
or not this design would be suitable for construction on the
 U.S. southern border. 
(PS: See more reports from The Rebel mission in Israel at