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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

We Agree With Rand Paul On This

This Senator Warned Us

 About Obamacare Lite, Now 

He's Taking a Stand

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Rand Paul warned us all that the GOP was trying to pass Obamacare Lite,
 a muddling disaster of a bill that makes the insurance companies happy
 at the expense of the American consumer. Today, he promised he's going 
to stand against the crap sandwich the GOP is offering the American people:
Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky made it clear on Tuesday during an

interview with "Fox & Friends" that the House GOP plan to repeal and

replace Obamacare will not pass through Congress.

"This is Obamacare lite," Paul said.  "It will not pass.  Conservatives

aren't going to take it.  Premiums and prices will continue to spiral out of


Paul said he has spoken with President Donald Trump on the issue, and

that he is open for negotiations.  

Last week, Paul raised concern when he tweeted that the Obamacare

legislation was being kept under “lock and key” in a “secure location.” 
Rand's move was called a publicity stunt. Maybe it is. We don't care. It 
helped call attention to the fact that this bill is a pile of dog crap set on fire, 
and the GOP knows as much. It's been panned by hardcore libertarian types
 like Rand, and more mainstream types like conservative healthcare wonk
 Avik Roy. That's a bad sign. Voters who were promised a repeal and 
replace plan that opened up healthcare markets and restored true 
competition should demand their representatives do better.