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Friday, March 10, 2017

Trump More Popular With Americans Than Dems, GOP Or News Media

Democrats Keep Attacking Trump.

 Here's What the American People 

Think About That

9 5 1  19
The Democratic Party certainly thinks its relentless attacking of President
 Donald Trump is a winning message—but it looks like the American people
 think differently.

A recent poll gave some surprising, and troubling, news for the Democrats: 
not only are they significantly less popular than Trump, but they’re less popular 
than the Republican Party, too.

The poll, conducted by Suffolk University, gives the Democrats a paltry 36%
 approval rating, and a 52% disapproval rating. For comparison, the 
Republicans did slightly better, with a 37% approval rating and a 48% 
disapproval rating.

Donald Trump, however, does better than both: Suffolk finds his approval 
rating at 45%, and his disapproval rating at 47%, largely unchanged since
 his inauguration.

Trump is also more popular than the media, which had a 37% approval 
rating, and 50% disapproval—and even Hillary Clinton, who was viewed
 favorably by 35% of Americans, and unfavorably by 55%. Congress is the
 least popular of any group or person polled—with a tiny 26% approval
 rating, and 55% disapproval rating.

The poll’s real winner, however, was Vice President Mike Pence—who 
had the highest ratings of anyone. 47% of Americans view Pence 
favorably, and just 35% do not.

As the Democrats continue to ramp up their attacks on the Trump
 White House, they’d do well to remember that he, his Vice President,
 and his party are all more popular than they are.