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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Rinocare Is A Big Mistake

Trump Closeup
Mary Altaffer | AP Photo
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The text of Republican health
care reform bill to replace
Obamacare was released
 Monday night. Tuesday morning, President
 Donald Trump offered a full-throated endorsement of the legislation put forward by
 House Republican leadership.

The bill is “out for review,” President Trump tweeted. Well, the CR review is in, and
 the bill is terrible. For the last six years, the primary complaints of Republicans against
 Obamacare were the unconstitutional individual mandate and the insurance
 regulations that are driving up the cost of premiums.
Neither of those problems are addressed in the RINOcare bill. A Republican version
 of the individual mandate remains in place to penalize individuals who forgo insurance
 coverage. The insurance regulations that require insurance companies to cover individuals with pre-existing conditions and the community rating regulation — the requirement that insurance companies charge even the sickest applicants the price of the community — are still there. These regulations are the reason health insurance premiums keep going up every year.
So the structural problems of Obamacare that make health insurance unaffordable
for millions of Americans are enshrined in the “replacement” bill proposed by House
Will these problems be addressed? According to the president, there will be a phase
two and a phase three of Republican health care reform.

The problem is that the Republican Party promised a full repeal of Obamacare in
 every election season for the last six years. They won the elections in 2010, 2014,
 and 2016 running on full repeal. This current bill is not full repeal.

It doesn’t matter what additional changes they make to their replacement plan. If
Republicans keep the structural problems of Obamacare in place, as they have done
 in this draft, they will not make health insurance affordable. Breaking a promise of that
magnitude will have far-reaching political consequences that will knock Republicans
out of power. Health care will likely be handed back to the Democrat Party and their
single-payer socialist schemes.
Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz was clear when he wrote “It’s time for
President Trump to lead, or this is over.”
Here is a sports analogy to make this point even more clear. Obamacare is the
 basketball. The GOP is the team wearing the green jerseys. President Donald Trump
 needs to be the coach. 

Right now, in this pivotal moment, President Trump is not being the coach.
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