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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Libs All Concerned That ISIS Terrorists Were Killed

Libs Finally Honest… Go Pro-Terrorist After Trump Devastates ISIS With MOAB Bomb


After the United States military dropped the country’s most explosive non-nuclear bomb down on Islamic State group militants operating in eastern Afghanistan on Thursday, the reaction at home has been almost as powerful as the bombing itself.
It’s hard to believe that anyone would be against the idea of bombing the Islamic State, one of the most brutal and barbaric organizations the world has ever seen, but when a reasonable person says, “there’s no way,” there are always a few liberals who will say right back: “Hold my drink.”
And after news of the bombing spread, the liberals came out in droves.

In Washington, President Donald Trump called the operation “another successful job,” but liberals, of course, saw it differently.

According to CNN, the bombing took place in northeastern Afghanistan, in the Nangarhar Province, when an MC-130 airplane dropped the 30-foot long, 21,600-pound Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb. It was the first time the MOAB has been used in actual combat, CNN reported.

Want to annoy some liberals? Don’t just watch this video … savor it:
White House press secretary Sean Spicer said the attack targeted “a system of tunnels and cave that ISIS fighters use to move around freely,” according to CNN.
Some of the reactions on Twitter ranged from unimpressed to outraged, with some critics of the administration even implying they know better than the whole military command involved in the situation about what should have been done and the most effective tool to do it with.

— Why did we use this massive bomb
— Was anyone injured who was not an intended target
— Why does this information need to be leaked out
@TomNamako Why are you asking these pesky questions instead of Worshipping The Bomb, Tom.

Tom Namako, deputy news director at Buzzfeed News, really seemed to know what he was talking about.

Why did we use this massive bomb? Because they’re our enemies, Tom. They’re not our buddies. This was a legitimate attack on a legitimate target, and you are going to have to get over it.
Actress Grace Parra claimed that last week’s successful missile strike in Syria was some sort of introduction to warfare for Trump.

The worst tweet actually belonged to a staff writer for The Washington Post, who thinks the use of the military we pay so much for and work so hard to maintain has doomed us all.

“We are all going to die?” Seriously?
What do you expect Trump to do? Let Islamofascists flourish all throughout the region, killing and conquering as they please?
You can’t be both against bombing the Islamic State group and against the Islamist terrorist at the same time, unless you want American soldiers doing the fighting instead of American planes dropping bombs — and it’s pretty safe to say these people opposed to the bombing don’t want boots on the ground.
Denouncing American victories is not only anti-American, it’s pro-terrorist, whether those doing it realize it or not. These people need to shape up and realize that we have a president now who won’t permit terrorists to prosper any longer.
H/T Mediaite
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How could someone be opposed to taking the fight to ISIS?