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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Trump Wins Another

Americans say ‘yes’ to bombings, even with no clear plan

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President Donald Trump’s emotional “beautiful babies” justification for unconstitutional military assaults passes muster with a majority of Americans even though many believe chaos to be the inevitable result.
That’s according to polling data from Pew which finds that Americans are just about as likely to express support for the recent U.S. attack on Syria as they are to express concern that there’s no real plan to deal with the consequences of instability in the country.
From the organization: “By a wide margin (58% to 36%), Americans approve of the U.S. missile strikes against Syria in response to reports of the use of chemical weapons by Bashar al-Assad’s government. By a comparable margin (61% to 32%), the public says that Donald Trump does not have a clear plan for dealing with the situation in Syria.”
Among Republicans, support for the missile strike is far higher at 77 percent. A majority of Republicans polled by Pew (61 percent) are also confident that Trump has a workable plan moving forward.
That, however, has more to do with partisan support for the administration than any news of a plan provided by the Trump White House. The blind partisan support for Trump’s recent bombing is further evidenced by the president’s previous condemnation of U.S. intervention in Syria during the Obama administration. Trump’s earlier criticisms of efforts to undermine the Syrian government’s power within its own borders were championed by many GOP voters during the election as a clear departure from the foreign policy style advocated by Hillary Clinton.