On his podcast Friday, Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro generously extended an internship offer to the psychologically abused son of a "crazy" feminist blogger who took the internet to condemn her own two boys as potential rapists.
"If the son of [feminist blogger] Jody Allard is watching this right now, please write me an email. I would be happy to have you intern with us over at The Daily Wire," said Shapiro. "I think you deserve better than what your mother has provided to you: a label as a potential rapist."
Shapiro began the segment by providing some context to the "insane" piece written by radical feminist writer Jody Allard. 
"​So the first thing I hate today is this insane piece by some crazy person named Jody Allard. She's apparently a feminist blogger," Shapiro began (video below). "First of all, all feminist bloggers — I don't mean to generalize — but they're all crazy. So she actually has a piece today, the title of it is 'I'm Done Pretending Men Are Safe (Even My Sons).' Really. And the entire thing is about how her sons are potential rapists."
Shapiro then read the opening paragraph from the unhinged piece:
I have two sons. They are strong and compassionate—the kind of boys other parents are glad to meet when their daughters bring them home for dinner. They are good boys, in the ways good boys are, but they are not safe boys. I’m starting to believe there’s no such thing.
Allard, stressed Shapiro, "is talking about her own sons being potential rapists because of 'rape culture.'" 
Shapiro then read more from the piece:
I wrote an essay in The Washington Post last year, during the height of the Brock Turner case, about my sons and rape culture. I didn’t think it would be controversial when I wrote it; I was sure most parents grappled with raising sons in the midst of rape culture.
"Well no, actually, it turns out the vast majority of us that grow up as boys in households that have good parents are not part of a 'rape culture' because we were taught at a very early age that you're not supposed to rape people — that rape is a bad thing," said Shapiro. "I thought this was a pretty clear rule of western civilization for the past thousand years or so."
Allard's piece goes on to admit that her writing has unsurprisingly done damage to her own children. Here's the passage:
The struggle I wrote about was universal, I thought, but I was wrong. My essay went semi-viral, and for the first time my sons encountered my words about them on their friends’ phones, their teachers’ computers, and even overheard them discussed by strangers on a crowded metro bus. It was one thing to agree to be written about in relative obscurity, and quite another thing to have my words intrude on their daily lives.
"Right," said Shapiro, "because when you say your sons are potential rapists, that might have some bad ramifications.They're your kids, you stupid idiot."
Shapiro also noted that Allard once wrote a column saying her son was suicidal and that in response she sat down and watched "13 Reasons Why," which partially glorifies suicide. 
Shapiro then read from the following passage in the article, in which Allard says that her decision to hurt her own son has led him to frequenting "conservative websites and YouTube channels": 
One of my sons was hurt by my words, although he’s never told me so. He doesn’t understand why I lumped him and his brother together in my essay. He sees himself as the "good" one, the one who is sensitive and thoughtful, and who listens instead of reacts. He doesn’t understand that even quiet misogyny is misogyny, and that not all sexists sound like Twitter trolls. He is angry at me now, although he won’t admit that either, and his anger led him to conservative websites and YouTube channels; places where he can surround himself with righteous indignation against feminists, and tell himself it’s ungrateful women like me who are the problem.
That's when Shapiro offered Allard's mistreated son the internship:
"If the son of Jody Allard is watching this right now, please write me an email," he said. "I would be happy to have you intern with us over at The Daily Wire. I think you deserve better than what your mother has provided to you: a label as a potential rapist. I don't think you're a rapist. I don't think you're a potential rapist. You seem like a nice person. You're mother, however, seems like she is a harridan." 
After offering some more helpful commentary on the crazed piece, Shapiro concluded by saying, "Child Protective Services needs to show up like right now at this lady's door. Thank God it sounds like her sons are getting old enough that they get to leave home. LEAVE NOW, leave now. I will try to find a way to put you up in your own apartment, seriously."