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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Wonderful Pictures Of Embryos

Stunning images of preborn children 

show that human life begins

 at fertilization

Incredible images of preborn children show the miracle and beauty of human
 life in the first trimester of pregnancy. These stunning images share that
 preborn children are not “clumps of cells” or merely “tissue,” but humans
 who possess inherent dignity and the right to life. Although small, children 
inside the womb are persons who deserve the love and protection of society, 
simply because they are human.
See for yourself these amazing images, dated from the moment of fertilization 
Human embryo with possible heart bulge at 3-4 weeks
Human embryo at 4 to 5 weeks
7-week human embryo
6 weeks gestational age from fertilization (conception)
6-7 weeks
6-7 weeks
6-7 weeks
6-7 weeks
6-7 weeks
6-7 weeks
6-7 weeks
7-8 weeks
8 weeks from conception
8-10 weeks
10-12 weeks
Editor’s note: These images are attributed to Lunar Caustic and have been reprinted with the permission of the photographer.