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Friday, July 21, 2017

Sick Little Bastards Laugh While Man Drowns. They Should Have The Book Thrown At Them, Unfornately, That Will Not Happen

WATCH: 5 Teens 


&Watch Disabled 

Man Drown 

to Death

Footage filmed by five Florida teenagers shows them harassing and laughing at Jamel Dunn, 32, after the disabled man entered and drowned in a retention pond in the city of Cocoa. Police say that the teenagers, age 14 to 16, watched as the man drowned at Bracco Pond Park.
The incident occurred on July 9, but Dunn’s body wasn’t found until
three days later, reports Florida Today.
According to CBS, the teens were smoking marijuana in the park when
 they warned Dunn, who walked with a cane, to not enter the murky water.
 Dunn did so anyways, and soon after encountered problems with staying
 afloat. Police add that they aren’t sure if Dunn was trying to commit
 suicide or not, as he had just had an argument with his fiancee.
Dunn’s last minutes of his life were filmed by the teens.
“F**king junkie, get out the water, you gonna die,” said the teens to
 Dunn. After Dunn started to show signs of distress, another teen
adds, “Ain’t nobody’s going to help you, you dumb b**ch. You should’ve
 never got in there.”
The teens made no move to call the police throughout the video and
continue to laugh at Dunn.
Dunn’s demise was only realized after the video was released by the
teens on social media. Florida Today reports that the teens showed
little remorse once they were found by police. They cannot face
charges because they were not directly involved with Dunn’s death.