According to a report from a state-run TV outlet, a woman featured in a short video clip wearing a miniskirt and crop top in Saudi Arabia was arrested on Tuesday by Riyadh police for her "suggestive" dress. 
The detained woman, a rumored model, has only been identified by the name Khulood, and her case has since been handed over "to the general prosecution department" in the country's capital. 
Women in Saudi Arabia are mandated to wear loose, body-covering abayas and a hijab when in public, while some provinces call for black veils which cover all but a woman's eyes. Females also face strict male guardianship rules, though these have been slightly loosened under King Salman. 
According to Fox News, Khulood "told authorities that she was in public with her legal guardian—a male relative—and the clip was put online without her knowledge."

لو كانت اجنبية كان تغزلوا بجمال خصرها وفتنتة عيناها .. بس لانها سعودية يطلبوا محاكمتها !  
The viral video clip shows the woman walking in Western-style clothing at a village near Riyadh, the capital and financial hub of Saudi Arabia. 
The reaction to the arrest was mixed in the Islamic country, some siding with the anti-woman oppressive laws, and others supporting Khulood. 
“Just like we call on people to respect the laws of countries they travel to, people must also respect the laws of this country,” wrote Saudi writer Ibrahim al-Munayif.
"If she were Western, they would have praised her waist and her enchanting eyes, but because she's Saudi they call for her to be tried!" said Fatima al-Issa, a Saudi women's rights activist on Twitter. 
Photos of First Lady Melania Trump and First Daughter Ivanka Trump wearing Western but modest attire in Saudi Arabia also popped up online. 
In a viral post, one Twitter user captioned a post of the Saudi model with a superimposed image of Ivanka's face over hers with: "Enough already, the situation has been solved.”