Before O.J. Simpson was paroled on Thursday afternoon, the four-member Nevada parole board snapped a selfie and posted it online, reminding everyone what a total spectacle this whole thing was. 
“The 4 board members right before the hearing,” wrote board member Adam Endel in a Facebook post. 
All four members, with seemingly important documents in hand, were smiling from ear-to-ear in the photo. 
"Brilliant post with confidential documents in view. Very professional. Great job," one commenter reacted. 
Others online noticed Endel's NFL-themed Kansas City Chiefs tie choice. Pre-double-murder-he-totally-didn't-commit days, Simpson played for the Buffalo Bills, a rival of the Chiefs. 

Hey @Chiefs Fans This Is No Fluke: This Parole Board Member In A Kansas City Chiefs Tie Trolling OJ Simpson WOW! 

Wait wait wait wait wait... you showed up to preside over the OJ Simpson parole hearing in a Kansas City Chiefs tie, my guy?

When O.J. Simpson saw that one of the parole guys was wearing a football tie
Simpson was paroled just nine years into his 33-year sentence that was handed out in 2008 when he was convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping in Las Vegas.