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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

German Terrorists Now Are Children

Allen West: CHILLING! What the media WON’T report about the attack in Germany

Retired LCOL Allen West has first-hand experience combating Islamic forces in the Middle East. In light of the recent vicious terrorist attacks, he knows what questions we need to be asking. Mr. West also knows the answer to those same questions. Why won’t our leadership and/or the media ask these questions?  Read it here.
As Written By Allen B. West:
I have one question to pose: how do you fight against an ideology, a belief system that uses a truck to drive over people at a Christmas bazaar, or at an independence day celebration?
What type of depraved mind can encourage such abhorrent behavior and what type of mind embraces the notion, believing it is justified? At what point in time shall we cease the obfuscation and delusion of denial that such a scourge exists, and has for nearly 1,400 years?
When do we finally say enough, and stop with the politically correct speech such as that of Attorney General Loretta Lynch advocating compassion, unity, and love as a means to defeat Islamic terrorism and jihadism?
These are not “man caused disasters” a term coined by Obama’s first Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano. Shall Barack Obama now call for “truck control” — since he blamed gun control for the Islamic terror attacks in San Bernardino and Orlando? And remember the Obama administration still refers to the December 2009 Ft. Hood Islamic terror attack as “workplace violence.”
Yes, we have a problem, and we’ve gone well beyond the tipping point. Sadly, the terror attack in Berlin just days ago was not the only instance of islamic jihadism this month in Germany.
As reported by the Daily Beast, “The so-called Islamic State is recruiting very young ‘martyrs’ for terror in Europe. But this kid in Germany was exceptional even by the cynical standards of ISIS. 
A European terror suspect has never been so young. The stalkers of the so-called Islamic State have been searching out, grooming and inciting young terrorists in France and Germany for more than a year now, and in the latest shocking incident, they appear to have used a boy who’s only 12 years old. 
On [last] Friday, the German online magazine Focus caused a national uproar when it reported that two bombs had been planted in the city of Ludwigshafen by a local German-Iraqi youngster who was “very religiously radicalised” and had possibly been “instigated or guided” by an “unknown member” of ISIS.
Later that day, reporters eagerly waited for Ludwigshafen’s mayor, Eva Lohse, to arrive in the town hall. But Lohse could tell them very little. The 12-year-old suspect was in “a safe place” (in the custody of local child protection services—children under the age of 14 cannot be charged with a crime in Germany) where he wouldn’t “pose any danger.” Five minutes later the press conference was over. No further questions were allowed.
Meanwhile, the federal prosecutor’s office confirmed on [last] Friday that, yes, it is investigating the discovery of a nail bomb in Ludwigshafen. The device was found near the city’s shopping center on Dec. 5, one day before Saint Nicholas Day, an old-school holiday where going to the mall as a kid in Germany most likely means getting free candy. But one child clearly had something else on his mind. A passerby alerted the police about a black bag, which the 12-year-old allegedly had dropped in a trash can. Inside the bag was a canning jar with nails taped around it. The jar had been filled with a pyrotechnical mixture made from fireworks and sparklers, which the police later determined to be “flammable, but not capable of exploding.”
At Ludwigshafen’s Christmas market, the mood reportedly remains calm and cheerfully kitsch, even though it now turns out a similar device was found deposited there, among the carrousels, fun-fair rides and sausage stalls, on Nov. 26.”
We previously shared here the story of the woman in England who believed she had a young foster kid from Afghanistan, who turned out to be a 21-year-old jihadist. Recently in America we had the Ohio State University attack. Now, we must begin to ask ourselves, do we have the will to stem the tide of Islamist infiltration and recruitment in our nations?
How can it be that a 12-year-old could be persuaded, indoctrinated and radicalized to enact such a barbaric scheme to bring death and maiming to innocent people? When we will decide to cut off the means of Islamic terror propaganda reaching out and touching these disaffected young people? And simply, where are the parents, are they engaged and involved in the lives of these youngsters?
But, the seminal question surrounding all of this, the bottom line, is are they seeking assimilation into the host country and its culture?
All you have to do is survey the Somali community in Minnesota and see what’s happening there: isolation, self imposed segregation, and jihadist recruitment. Now, someone will castigate you as a racist and Islamophobe if you recommend concentrating our law enforcement resources where the problem lies. They’ll accuse you of profiling.
Folks, we have a specific issue and to resolve such an issue, that of militant Islamic jihadism, we need to conduct trend analysis in order to stop its spread.
All we need to do is gaze across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe and see what’s happening.
“I have difficulties with seeing a 12-year-old as a terrorist,” terrorism expert Guido Steinberg told the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung. “It makes sense for when people begin to get interested in politics, at 15 or 16. But how political can you be at 12 years old? It rather raises the question: what is going on in his surroundings? Because it could not have been his idea.” Indeed. According to the German broadcaster WDR, the boy received instructions for building the bomb via the messenger app Telegram, and this has lead investigators to suspect ISIS involvement. 
The precedents for what the French call “remote-controlled terror” are many. Both 17-year-old Riaz Khan Ahmadzai and 27-year-old Mohammad Daleel were also in contact with alleged ISIS members via online chat, getting advice on how to kill before attempting to commit attacks in July this year. Daleel had strict instructions from his chat partner to leave his backpack at a music festival in Bavaria, detonate it from a far and film the inferno, before he accidentally blew himself up. And Ahmadzai’s chat contact sent him a message this summer to suggest he drive a car into a large crowd. Ahmadzai declined. He didn’t have a driver’s license, he wrote. Instead he got on a regional train in Würzburg with an axe and a knife and severely injured three people before being shot dead by the police.”
I’ve often advocated that we not allow entry of single military-aged Muslim males because that’s what an analysis of the trends points to. However, with this 12-year-old, we have an even bigger problem. Then again, it’s not just Muslim males in Europe.
“Germany tightened its terror laws in the summer to allow the country’s domestic spy agency to track and collect data on suspects as young as 14 years old. (The previous minimum age was 16.) When first proposed, the measure met with opposition. But that was before 15-year-old Safia S. sank a kitchen knife five centimeters deep into a policeman’s neck at the central train station in Hannover in February this year. The officer survived, but the wound was life threatening. On her phone, Safia had written chat messages saying that she was in touch with “employees” of the ISIS regime, who had urged her to prepare a “surprise for the infidels.” It was a “martyrdom operation for the terrorist militia ISIS,” according to the German authorities. She is currently on trial for attempted murder, and if convicted she faces a prison sentence of up to 10 years.”
How long will it be before we face the same here in America? I wonder if you were to ask Germany’s Angela Merkel now if she’d allow nearly one million unvetted “refugees” into her country? What we’re seeing in Europe — Germany specifically — is the next generation of Islamic jihadism. This is why ISIS isn’t just a caliphate in the Middle East, it is a movement, a resurgence of the ideal of a global Islamic jihad. And if we continue to dismiss this, we will suffer the consequences.
How many more must die before we cordon off this centuries-old Islamo-fascist ideology rooted in a political-theological construct, enabling it to masquerade as a religion in order to mask its intent and purpose? Just ask yourself, does anyone even remember Charlie Hebdo or Nice? Sadly, in two weeks, if ….
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