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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

No More Off Shore Drilling. Will Obama Soon Outlaw All Drilling?

DICTATOR: Obama Makes Mad Power-Grab, Puts Offshore Drilling Out of Trump’s Reach

“Millions of people around the world will be grateful to President Obama for permanently protecting much of the Arctic and the Atlantic coasts from catastrophic oil exploration and development,” Greenpeace spokesman Travis Nichols stated. “Decisions like these are crucial.”
Liberals love power grabs — until someone they don’t like is in power.
The incoming Congress may not be among the millions of people who laud Obama’s move, and instead will likely see it as a loss for potential job opportunities. Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski has already said: “Arctic development is one of the best ways to create jobs, generate revenues and refill the Trans-Alaska Pipeline … Why the president is willing to send all of those benefits overseas is beyond explanation.”
There is an explanation though … it’s called the liberal agenda.

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What do you think about Obama's power grab?