In response to the anti-Milo riot at UC Berkeley, the city’s mayor blasted the “ultra-nationalist far right” despite the exhaustive news coverage showing socialists attacking Trump supporters.
“Last night, a small minority of the protestors who had assembled in opposition to a speaking engagement featuring a prominent white nationalist engaged in violence and property damage,” Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguín said in a press release. “They also provided the ultra-nationalist far right exactly the images they want to use to try to discredit the vast majority of peaceful protestors in Berkeley…”
But 1) Milo Yiannopoulos is not a “white nationalist,” he constantly brags about sleeping with African-American men, and 2) all the videos and photos of the riot – and there’s thousands – show it was Trump voters who were violently attacked by leftist mobs flying anarcho-communist flags and street thugs from nearby Oakland, so why not point that out instead?
Arreguín’s respose may trigger a federal investigation into his city’s handling of the riot, especially after some suggested the police didn’t do enough to stop the violence.
Would Arreguín’s handling of the situation been different if it were Trump supporters – who he calls the “ultra-nationalist far right” – attacking socialists instead?  Based on his politicized tweet, in which he personally attacked Milo, it certainly appears so.
This brings to mind the city in Arizona where city officials were successfully sued after they denied prompt police service and constitutional rights to residents who were “non-believers” of the Mormon cult in control of the town.
That begs the question: were pro-Trump victims at the Milo riot denied better police protection and the right to peacefully assemble because they were “non-believers” of the socialist cult in control of Berkeley?