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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

This Is The Same BS We Heard In The 60's, Now They Just Threaten To Kill The President After They Get All Of The White Man's Stuff!

If the following clip is illustrative of the rioters now planning a general strike across America on February 17, America is in big trouble. The question we have is, can our nation survive the current atmosphere and emerge unscathed?

We doubt it. The divisiveness that we are seeing in the streets across the country is  oriented toward President Trump, however, we know there is something else going on. Troublemakers are always going to use some other issue as their foil while hiding their real goals. Castro suggested that it would be a workers paradise after he won and Battista was removed.  But did it happen, never.  The Russian Revolution was one that was meant to elevate the average Russian, it did not.

So are those who want to change how the latest US election. No sooner had President Trump had said "I do"at his inauguration, did the riots and protests start in Washington D.C. and world wide. This was not organic, it was scripted, scheduled and organized by those who want to bring down the US. It uses Trump and his actions as a smoke screen to hide their true intentions. But believe me, it has nothing to do with him in the long run.  Any elected official who would run against these rabble rousers would get the same treatment.

We believe that the Seattle "protester" is more emblematic of those who are against Trump than an outlier.  She wants everything that White America has. She makes it clear. She wants Trump to be assassinated and she would gladly pull the trigger. She does not want capitalism, she wants everyone to be in servitude.  Maybe she should take a trip to those glorious non-capitalist enclaves of Cuba, Russia, Iran or Sudan.  Or maybe she would like to visit some of those wonderful places like Rwanda, Cambodia or Argentina.

She probably has never lived outside the US and never has read any history to find out about those she wishes to emulate. In other words, she is uneducated to the world but wants to tell us how we should live.

However, this is the face of the current strife.  Will they win, we hope not for if they do, American will no longer be the light to the world that it has been since 1776.

Conservative Tom

Seattle “Protester”: White People Need to Give Their Money & Houses, ‘We Need it All’

Black Lives Matter photo
Photo by xddorox 
(SHTFplan) We recently warned that America is about to see unprecedented protests and rioting from coast to coast.
But don’t take our word for it.
A social justice warrior involved in the Seattle street protests tells you everything you need to know about what the future holds and lends further evidence to the notion that America sits on the precipice of widespread civil unrest.
The woman, who also claims to be a pre-school teacher, implies that it’s time for extreme measures, including but not limited to killing people, starting at the White House.
Just so you know… we need to start killing people… first off we need to start killing the White House… the White House might die… your fucking White House… your fucking White House must go…
As you’ll see below, when she claims it’s time to start killing people she is most likely referring to white people exclusively. But killing isn’t enough.
If you’re white, it’s time you started kicking some of your hard-earned wealth her way, including your cash and your house:
White people… give your fucking money… give your fucking house… your fucking property… we need it fucking all… you need to reparate black and indigenous people right now…. Pay the fuck off… it ain’t just your fucking time.. it’s your fucking money…
Watch the her full speech (and then be sure to register your kids with her pre-school):