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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Mandating Free College, Test Free Admissions For Blacks Will Increase Racial Divide.

Students at Loony Liberal University 

Call Their School "White Supremacist,

" Demand Reparations for Blacks

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The student government at Wisconsin's most prominent university has
 passed legislation calling for "free and full access" to the school for "all 
black people" as reparations for what it describes as "systemic denial" 
of minorities from the "white supremacist" institution.

The resolution passed at University of Wisconsin-Madison was introduced 
by a group called "The Blackout Project," which argues that the "school is 
not inclusive, accessible, or affordable for Black students in Wisconsin" 
and that it knowingly benefits from "practices of exclusion and white

Among the demands in the resolution is "full and free access for all black
 people," including "currently and formerly incarcerated people."

"Making reparations for the systemic denial of high-quality education in
 the form of free and opportunities in the form of free and full access for
 all Black People—including undocumented and current or formerly
 incarcerated people—to UW-Madison," it demands.

It also demands the creation of a task force to consider "test-optional
 admissions and geographically weighted admissions" that would give 
preference to students in cities.