BERKELEY, CA — Police say 20 people were arrested as pro and anti-
Trump demonstrators clashed in Berkeley Saturday. Two simultaneous 
demonstrations were planned for Civic Center Park on Saturday.
The demonstration took over Center Street and Allston Way between
 Milvia Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Way. The downtown Berkeley
 BART station was also closed as a result.
Police say a large number of fights occurred and numerous fireworks 
were thrown in the crowds. There were also been numerous reports
 of pepper spray being used in the crowd. Police said at least 11 people 
were injured and among those at least seven were taken to hospitals.
According to police, among those arrested, the charges include arrests
 for assault with a deadly weapon and several other felony assaults.
 At least two of the arrests came from investigations into the violence 
that broke out in March.
Photos from the scene Saturday morning showed police dressed in
 riot gear. In anticipation of the event, police had already informed 
demonstrators about a long list of items that were banned from the 
event, such as metal pipes, baseball bats, poles and bricks.
Police officers from Oakland came to the city's aid.
"Organizers have promoted Saturday's gathering as a follow-up to 
an unpermitted March 4 demonstration, when numerous people
 were hurt due to violence," city officials said in a statement. "Ten
 people were arrested for their roles in the events, and other arrests 
are being actively pursued. No one has applied for or obtained a
 permit for Saturday, and as a result, anyone at the park will be
 subject to these rules."
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Journalists at the scene reported that police had deployed tear gas 
to break up scuffles.
A video from the scene showed a protester being detained.
Shane Bauer, a senior editor for Mother Jones magazine, posted 
a video that showed skirmishes breaking out between the two 
opposing groups and also showed police reacting to the crowds.
Berkeley Police confiscated a number of prohibited items from
 protesters. Anyone with photos or videos of the event is asked 
to share them with police by sending them to
The scene at the protest is not new for Berkeley. In March,
 10 people were arrested as pro and anti-Trump protesters clashed
 at the same location. Earlier this year, a riot broke out at the UC 
Berkeley campus when the controversial far-right figure Milo 
Yiannopoulos was supposed to speak on campus.
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 the protest. Check back for updates. 

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