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Friday, April 21, 2017

Liberals, Not Conservatives, Will Be The Ones Who Destroy This Country.

Masked Terrorist Who Beat Trump Fan Reportedly IDed… Liberals Will Be Sick

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A crowdsourced attempt at identifying an Antifa rioter who beat Trump supporters with a bike lock in Berkeley, California, last weekend has alleged that the man is an ethics professor at in the Bay Area.
If true, and if a police investigation turns up evidence of it, it could mean charges are forthcoming against a respected member of academia — a public relations nightmare for the left.
According to The Gateway Pundit, the discovery was a result of a crowdsourced investigation on the /pol/ message board on the social media site 4chan.  Information found by members of the message board led them to believe that the attacker was Eric Clanton, a philosophy professor, and stories about the identification are multiplying on conservative-leaning websites.
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Here’s a link to a video of the attack, which we will not embed here because of the significant level of violence and vulgar language. Here is a picture of Clanton taken from what was allegedly his Twitter profile.
And here are some of the pictures that online investigators amassed of Clanton and the attacker, which led them to believe that he was the man behind it:
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There is a significant level of resemblance between the attacker — or what little can be seen of him — and Clanton. In addition, the Twitter account has since been taken down.
A similar profile on OkCupid was also linked to him, and apparently says he spends “a lot of time thinking about REVOLUTION.”

The Gateway Pundit reported that Clanton was a professor at Diablo Valley College, while Clanton’s page on Rate My Professors said he taught at San Francisco State University, allegedly his alma mater. The two, it is worth noting, are not necessarily mutually exclusive; some professors teach at multiple institutions.

Obviously, social media detective work isn’t the same as the real thing by real police investigators. But if this is true, the fact that the guy is an ethics professor is the icing on the cake. Here he’s teaching our nation’s young men and women about judging right from wrong and he’s allegedly an Antifa thug accused of attacking people with a deadly weapon for their political beliefs.
That’s the definition of terrorism. Utterly unreal.
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We’ll see how this story develops, but the strong resemblance, the comments he’s made and the fact that he’s already taken down his Twitter account make Eric Clanton a person authorities should at least be asking questions of. (Maybe he was on an OkCupid date talking about REVOLUTION — with a companion who will vouch for him?)
If he is the man responsible for this, we can only hope this Antifa thug is taken out of the classroom and put in jail where he belongs.
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What do you think should happen to this professor now?