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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Islam Has Been On The March For A Thousand Years


There are cultural myths that all civilizations seem to adopt.  Once they do, it is virtually impossible for them to let go of such myths, even when pursuing them is no longer viable.  With the west is the myth of egalitarian inclusion.  The idea that all men want the same things, that we can all get along, and that with acceptance and understanding, we can all live together in peace under beautiful rainbows. 
Such a naive world view ignores the incessant jihad that the west has faced for a generation.  And that jihad, both violent and overt, as well as cultural and covert.
Just this week, we not only had a Black American Jihadist shoot and kill a number of "white devils" in California, but we also had a French Policeman killed and another seriously injured in a proactive jihad ambush in Paris.  It has become so common, and seemingly accepted that I will bet you cannot name all the terrorist events in the USA in the last 12 months.
Another factor in this is the west's abject fear of being considered unfair or (gasp) racist.  Even if we stop to consider that a religion or a political movement is not based on race, the language remains.  And the word has power over westerners.  At some point westerners, and I suspect the Europeans will be first, will have to ask themselves what is the greater danger - being called a racist or losing their civilization.
Another third cultural habit of the west is self-hatred and a deliberate ignoring of history. The self-hatred I don't know whence it came.  I will bet it has some basis in liberal-socialist thinking. 
Perhaps one of the readers can comment. 
But the ignorance of history is a crucial element here...specially for the young.  History is rewritten to fit the modern narratives which support the other cultural habits and myths.  But not knowing the real story is a problem. What would a man do, for instance, who had never been told that a hot stove will burn his hand.  He would not know what he faced when coming in contact with one.  Ignorant of the effects of hot steel on his hand, he would go ahead with his plans to touch it. 
Islam has been on a mission to conquer and convert the world for a thousand years.  At first, as shown in the video below, the methods have been via military invasion and conquest.  But today, the would-be invaders are using far more subtle means.  Theirs is the slippery slope of compromise and appeasement...the "cultural" and "societal" jihad that some writers speak of.  And with every point of compliance from western nations, they take another small step toward their objectives.   The west has helped in that mission by its policies.  And if steps are not taken to change the west will lose...and it will lose by defeating itself. 
So here is a history lesson.  Its not very long, but it is informative.