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Monday, May 8, 2017

Shariah Law Believes Dog Are Unclean, Canadian Man Finds Out

Vid: Muslims See Canadian Walking Dog, Cite Shariah, Then Make Sick Move


Nearly five years ago, some Muslims in Canada held a large rally in Toronto in celebration of Al Quds Day, an international holiday created in 1979 by the Islamic Republic of Iran that marks the end of Ramadan and is typically quite anti-Semitic in nature.
According to the Toronto Sun, a Jewish man named Allan Einstoss attended the rally as a form of counter-protest with his dog, an Israeli flag-wearing 165-pound English Mastiff named “Cupcake” who was leashed at all times.
While working his way along the edges of the crowd, Einstoss was approached by some Shariah-compliant devout Muslims who told him to keep his unclean animal away from their women, prompting Einstoss to remark that he was free to move about wherever he pleased. That resulted in his being punched by one and shoved by another while somebody kicked the dog, he said.

However, when Einstoss retaliated by pushing back against one of the men, police suddenly jumped in and placed him under arrest, though no action was taken against the other men who had been engaged in conflict with him.
“The cops jumped me, and dragged me off in front of my 77-year-old father and 16-year-old son. They cuffed me for half an hour and patted me down,” Einstoss explained to Front Page Mag. “The two cops told me I was being arrested for assault and inciting a riot. One of them also mentioned that I was being insensitive to others. They threatened me with a weekend jail, before offering me a deal: they would free me if I agreed to be escorted out of the park.”
Front Page noted that Einstoss’ “insensitivity” was bringing a dog to a rally held by devout Muslims, many of whom view dogs as unclean, which apparently Einstoss should have been respectful of in the view of the Toronto police.
They also noted that there had been reports of other counter-protesters supportive of Israel who had been harshly treated by both the crowd and “overzealous” police seemingly enforcing Shariah law on behalf of the rallying Muslims.
You can see a video clip of the incident involving Einstoss and his dog right here:
Einstoss was ultimately released by the police and left uncharged with any crime, but the temporary detainment and seemingly forced compliance with Islamic law could only be viewed as having a chilling effect on the speech and thoughts of Einstoss and others who share his Western beliefs

Though his incident occurred in 2012, the underlying issue of Shariah law becoming entrenched in Canada has not improved and likely have become worse.
Take for example a current report from the Toronto Sun regarding an anti-Islamophobia measure introduced in Parliament that would ostensibly combat discrimination and racism but which inordinately focuses on alleged Islamophobia, essentially serving to potentially prosecute citizens for blasphemy against Islam.
Hearteningly, the anti-Islamophobia measure has been met with some resistance, as a conservative member of Parliament circulated a petition seeking support for a counter-measure that would essentially ban Shariah law from Canadian court systems.
“While I share the principle that Shariah law has no place in Canada, I believe that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms would rule that any application of Shariah Law through the Canadian justice system to be fundamentally unconstitutional,” said Conservative MP James Bezan, sponsor of the petition, in an email to the Sun. “Multiple court cases have ruled that Canadian law is to be never overruled for any other set of rules or laws.”
We have noted previously that we view Shariah law as being wholly incompatible with the U.S. Constitution, rule of law and Western society more broadly, and the fact that it has seemingly gained more than just a foothold among our neighbors to the north is concerning.
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What do you think of what happened to this Canadian?