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Friday, May 12, 2017

False Flag, Fake News, Lying Democrats--All Apt Descriptions Of Comey's Firing

Firing Comey is the latest fake scandal

If you ask the Democrats, President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey because Trump hoped, by taking Comey off the board, he’d be halting any progress into investigations into Russian influence over America’s elections. Trump’s sudden decision to give Comey the bum’s rush was positively Nixonian! Not since Tricky Dick littered the National Mall with corpses that Saturday night in 1973 has any president so brazenly sent people packing for purely political reasons!
Putting aside historically ludicrous attempts to link Comey’s firing to Watergate, if you asked those same Democrats any time before Tuesday afternoon, Comey deserved nothing short of a tarring and feathering. His behavior in relation to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server and refusal to blindly accept her ever-changing excuses for it plumbed the depths of corruption. He was the key player in the sexist plot to steal the presidency from Her Royal Highness, and his interference cost him the confidence of every Democrat who ever shrieked through a megaphone.
No lesser liberal lights than Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi both proclaimed their desire to see Comey hit the bricks on multiple occasions. Schumer’s predecessor as team captain of the runners-up, Harry Reid, even suggested Comey’s “partisan actions” “may have broken the law.” Congressional gadfly Maxine Waters managed to land the rare political triple axel, both supporting and opposing Comey’s firing at the same time; admitting she would have been fine with Comey losing his job, if Hillary had done the firing.
If there’s one thing we have learned from the saga of James Comey; it’s that the Democrat Party has reduced its principles to one: oppose Trump. I’ll give them credit where credit is due, they’re certainly keeping it simple. Granted, the abruptness of their about-face created some headaches.
Schumer can’t shout “big mistake!” loud enough to drown out his own previous remarks. Leftist high priest Michael Moore, who couldn’t wait to bury Comey under the jail last fall, “After this election is over, I say skip the show trial for Comey & just send him to Alcatraz…” nearly snapped his already-overburdened waistband reversing his field this week; “COMEY FIRED! Dirty, corrupt things afoot. The truth will all come out. The unraveling continues… Hold the election over. Dirty. Corrupt.” The millennial-laden audience of comedian Stephen Colbert’s show broke into applause when Colbert announced the firing; creating a brutally awkward moment as the redoubtably leftist Colbert gently explained how their masters no longer cheered the idea; an unintentional “Animal Farm” moment, with Colbert in the role of Squealer.
It’s painfully obvious that Comey needed to go. The guy did everything short of walking around with his own cheering section. The person in charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation should be above not only politics, but publicity. Comey gave himself a starring role in the electoral saga last summer and has been inserting himself into the cycle at seemingly every opportunity since.
The truth is that Trump’s motivation in firing Comey is immaterial. While the decision could have been handled with a little more decorum, it’s a little late in the game to expect decorum from Trump. Trump is the president of the United States. The Director of the FBI, like nearly every other member of the executive branch, serves at the pleasure of the president. In a move more reminiscent of former President Bill Clinton’s termination of then-FBI Director William Sessions than any tenuous Nixonian skullduggery, Trump decided to pink slip him, and Comey ended up on the street. Comey’s canning was neither the first nor the last time we’ll see that happen in Washington.
— Ben Crystal