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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Another Opinion Similar To Conservative Tom's On Israel And Obama

Why Trump’s Stance on Israel Matters

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Recent events have once again brought Obama’s policies on Israel to light. There is no soft or easy way to put this. Obama is a racist, and his target of choice is the Israeli people.
Now, despite the progressive claims that only white, male Americans are capable of racism, Obama’s anti-Semitism is obvious, and it has contributed to many deaths in and around Israel. Take a look at some of the more overt points, and you’ll see just how obvious this truth really is, and perhaps, a little bit of honesty will peak into the historical rule of one of America’s worst presidents.
A Brief History Lesson

Talking about Palestine and Israel requires a quick recap of the region since WWII. The Jewish people were officially recognized by the international community and given a sovereign state. By 1948, that sovereign state came under fire from a united Arab military invasion that included Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq.
When Israel won the war, they legally expanded their borders. It is those borders that have continually been disputed since, through more than a dozen wars and military campaigns.
Despite the conflict, Israel and Palestine officially brokered peace in the mid-90s. Israel formally recognized a Palestinian government and Palestine officially denounced violence and terrorism.
In 2006, the Palestinian people officially elected Hamas, an international terrorist organization, as the ruling government. Since then, peace has had no lasting stretch and Hamas has fired tens of thousands of missiles and rockets indiscriminately at Israeli cities. It is important to understand this, because it is the interactions between Israel and Hamas that are the subject of international intervention, including U.N. resolutions.
Recent News

The latest U.N. resolution is the big source of news as it bans Israelis from expanding settlements in the “Jewish Quarter.” Despite the fact that international agreements during the Bush Administration legalized these settlements, Obama has spent the past eight years pushing an anti-Semitic agenda that has reversed the agreements and condemned this course.
Ultimately, Obama had the power to veto this most recent resolution. His silence speaks loudly, and so does his verbal condemnation of Jewish settlements in Israel. Of course, this is hardly the extent of his anti-Semitism.
Obama, the winner of a Nobel Peace Prize and self-proclaimed uniter of races, has overtly displayed his disdain for Israelis throughout his terms. What started with the appointment of a slew of outspoken anti-Semites to his cabinet swiftly grew to more heinous forms of racism.
Obama worked diligently to undo the 60-year precedent of American support for Israel, which was most dramatically displayed in his failed Iran nuclear deal. On top of that, he has maintained a consistent narrative that condemned Israel and praised Hamas throughout the years of conflict, despite the numerous war crimes committed by the latter. In short, his position has directly endangered the lives of every Jewish resident in the Middle East.
Enter Trump

While Obama has devoted his last eight years to dragging the U.S. into his anti-Semite battle with Israel, Donald Trump has made it abundantly clear that he is against terrorism and with Israel. He has consistently condemned Obama-led actions that have hurt Israel, and he literally stood with Israel president Netanyahu when the latest bad news came out of the U.N.
Critics of Trump say that this is a dangerous break from U.S. precedent, but it is in fact a return to precedent that was only broken by Obama in the first place. Trump is one of Israel’s few hopes for fair international treatment as they struggle with domestic terrorists that are internationally aided.
However, with Trump’s negotiation skills and a stronger showing of support from the U.S., Israel and Palestine might be able to soon enjoy one of the longest ceasefires in the history of the Israeli state.
As with every aspect of the Trump Presidency, only time will tell how things unfold. What is clear is that the official stance will change, and that change is sure to reshape the state of conflict in the Middle East. Whether lasting peace will really be attainable remains to be seen, but if Hamas can actually be held accountable for its terrorism for the first time, it could lead to stability that is otherwise impossible.
~ Conservative Zone