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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

How Can We Take As A Serious Discussion When Representatives Lie About Simple, Easily Verified Views

Rep. Lewis Caught In Major

 Lie About Inauguration, 

Trump ROASTS in 2 Tweets

People agree that Congressman John Lewis’ contributions to the fight for
racial equality were incredibly admirable.
However, that doesn’t mean that everything he says is gospel when it
comes to politics.
We learned that first hand recently when he announced that he wouldn’t
 be attending Donald Trump’s inauguration because Trump is not a
“legitimate” president.
Lewis has stood by his claim despite the very clear fact that nothing about
Trump’s victory was illegitimate.
On top of that, many people noticed another major inconsistency with his
claim that he had never skipped an inauguration before…
Enter Georgia Rep. John Lewis, whose high-profile feud with Donald Trump has ignited headlines,

and raised Lewis’ profile, for

days. On Sunday, he told 

Meet The Press host Chuck

Todd that, because of

supposed Russian hacking,

he didn’t consider Trump “a

legitimate president.”
He also said this:
“I think the Russians

participated in helping get this

man elected. And they


destroy the candidacy of

Hillary Clinton. I don’t


to attend the inauguration. It

will be the first one that

I miss

since I’ve been in the Congress.

You cannot be at home


something that you feel is

No, not the Russian hacking part.

That’s just a red herring.


about where Lewis said this

would be the “first one that

I miss since I’ve been

in the Congress?”
That’s not true.
Here’s the breakdown…

After skipping Bush's inauguration in '01, @Trish_Regan says there's a pattern of John Lewis's attempts to de-legitimize Presidents!

Imagine my shock, John Lewis lied about this being his first inauguration he skipped since being in Congress. 

Donald Trump noticed this little lie as well.
He didn’t hold back on Twitter.

John Lewis said about my inauguration, "It will be the first one that I've missed." WRONG (or lie)! He boycotted Bush 43 also because he...

"thought it would be hypocritical to attend Bush's swearing-in....he doesn't believe Bush is the true elected president." Sound familiar! WP

Congressman Lewis is wrong that Russia is the reason Hillary Clinton lost the
 election and he wasn’t telling the truth when he said this is the first inauguration
 he skipped.
It’s a shame that Congressman Lewis is having such a hard time coming to
 terms with Hillary Clinton’s defeat.
It will be difficult for the country to unite as long as this kind of attitude is still
front and center.