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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Protests Will NOT Be On Body Cameras. Really Stupid

Obama Calls For No Body Cams On Cops At Inauguration For SICK Reason — Gets Priceless Response Instead

Another lefty double standard has struck the US again…DC police were just given orders that they must keep their body cameras off them at all times on Inauguration Day. WOW. That doesn’t sound one bit suspicious.
Recently Washington DC officers had cameras added to their outfit, in order to keep a true report of what is happening on the job. You know, since leftist elites do nothing but lie about police officers wrongly attacking them, most of the time anyway.
Now They are asking officers to give up their only source of protection from liberal liars, and for what?raw
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That’s easy. So they won’t be able to arrest morons out of fear the morons will file suit against them.
If police are caught carrying a camera during Inauguration Day protests they will be in some serious TROUBLE.
Liberal reporters state that it’s “against the law” for body cameras to be on and rolling while police are at protests.200wThere’s a catch, if the officer is required to take action, they can politely ask the perp to wait a second while they film the ordeal, just so the officer filming the arrest doesnt get in trouble…right I’m sure that will go over well.
Not only is that completely moronic but, they will be unable to capture what led up to the arrest.
By now, America has had way too much experience with Black Lives Matter protests devolving into riots. Most of the time, the only helpful lead to determine the identities of criminal rioters is camera footage.
Starting to make sense now? These people want nothing more than to take Trump down, and they don’t want to get caught doing it.
It’s fairly standard practice for officers to have designated cameramen at protests so the department can not only show evidence of criminal activity, but the department can defend itself from false claims.
Radical groups that intend to break the law during inauguration day protests understand that cameras are their greatest threat. They are pretty much the only thing that can prove what they did. These thugs know this, so they complained that it would violate their constitutional rights for them to be recorded in a public place. Did they expect privacy in public? How many pictures do you think you were accidently in the back of at Disneyland? Or any other vacation you may have gone on? The reality is if they want privacy they need to lock themselves indoors, and not step foot outside.
Since our police are being targeted I say Trump supporters should go to the protests with their cameras and film it ALL and you can bet that’s exactly what they are going to do. Patriots have our new president’s back and also our brave men and women in blue who risk their lives daily for even the biggest morons. It’s not a crime for them to record and it’s too late for Obama to try to regulate it. So, nice try, criminal-in-chief!