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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Trump Is Plugging A Hole That Obama Left Open For 8 Years

Giuliani Reveals New Mission In Trump’s White House That Obama Ignored – Liberals Are FUMING

Obama has spent eight years dithering ...


In the presidential campaign, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was one of Donald Trump’s most energetic and outspoken supporters.
Now, with the lesson of hapless Democrats leaking party secrets like a second-rate sieve fresh in American minds, the one-time “America’s Mayor” is taking up a new post in the Trump transition.
And liberals are already losing their minds over it.

After his impassioned performance as a Trump surrogate and defender during the campaign, Giuliani was widely thought to be a leading contender for a cabinet post, possibly secretary of state. But the 72-year-old New Yorker didn’t get the nod.
Now, in a statement issued Thursday, the Trump transition team announced Giuliani has been named an informal adviser to the Trump White House on cyber security issues, a blind spot the Obama administration has neglected for the past eight years — until it became politically expedient to get all worked up over hacking.
The same President Obama who claims to be furious over alleged Russian infiltration of the Democratic National Committee that led to the release of embarrassing internal emails has dithered for eight years over much worse incidents, like the China-based broaching of the federal Office of Personnel Management’s database in 2014.

But under the Trump administration, benign neglect is going to be a thing of the past when it comes to cyber security, Giuliani told “Fox & Friends” Thursday.
And in Republican fashion, Giuliani said, Trump is tapping the minds of the private sector to solve a very public problem. In his years since leaving office, Giuliani has built a security firm, Giuliani Partners, specializing in commercial computer security.
“My belief is, as always, the answer to cyber security is going to be found in the private sector,” Giuliani told the “Fox & Friends” hosts. “That’s where we have the great creativity, that’s where we have the huge amount of money, and that’s where we have these great companies. The greatest in the world.”
Check out the interview here.

EXCLUSIVE: Rudy Giuliani announces he's forming a cyber security group on behalf of Trump administration

Naturally, liberals started griping immediately, with the general tenor claiming Giuliani is too old and busted, too ignorant of cyber security issues to play such a pivotal role.

BREAKING: The Trump transition team announces that Rudy Giuliani will advise Trump on cybersecurity 
Will somebody please explain to Rudy cyber security, what could go wrong!!
Rudy should be in Fla on a nice green park bench!

Age bias aside, the carping ignores Giuliani’s real-world experience in the cyber security field. Clients of the company he started after his stint as mayor of the Big Apple, Giuliani Partners, include major corporations and governments (some, like Qatar, that aren’t exactly friendly to United States interests).
But the point isn’t Giuliani’s personal knowledge of how to prevent a hack. A 16-year-old in the basement might know more about the specific coding or viruses or worms involved.
The point is, Trump is taking cyber security more seriously before he even takes the oath of office than the Obama administration did over eight years of serial cyber attacks on government computer systems. A United States president that allowed his own secretary of state to use an unauthorized, unsecured, home-based email server, clearly never cared much about his country’s security in a 21st century world.
(The fact that Obama lied about it to the American people just makes it even worse.)
But Rudy Giuliani, who watched the Twin Towers crumble in New York City in 2001, has personal experience with what his country’s enemies are capable of.
As a private sector executive dealing with cyber security issues, he’s got professional experience and a team of experts in an area where Democrats have proven to be utterly inept. Even before the DNC fiasco, remember the Obamacare website’s hacking issues?
Liberals might be losing their minds, but the Giuliani appointment might well be another sign that sanity’s returning to the White House.
What do you think?