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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Potential Robbers Get What They Deserved.

From Right To Bear blog:

Gun Shop Owner Shoots and Kills Armed Robber

It is common knowledge that the Christmas holiday season tends to bring out the worst sort of criminals who will exploit the typical cheery disposition of most people in order to enrich themselves, at times via a display of wanton violence.
It would appear that just such an event was on the verge of happening in a small gun and pawn shop in Georgia on the day after Christmas, but the two would-be robbers who entered the store with the intention of stealing the guns made a miscalculation in not assuming that the owner would be armed as well, according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail.
Surveillance camera footage showed the two thugs enter the store with handguns, wearing ski masks and gloves while carrying what appeared to be empty backpacks, most likely for holding all the loot they wrongly anticipated they’d be grabbing. An employee at the wrong end of their guns wisely placed his hands in the air in submission to the armed robbers.
But 64-year-old shop owner Jimmy Groover had his own gun on his hip, and he quickly engaged in a gun fight with the two robbers, dropping one of them fatally with a couple of hits while the downed thug’s accomplice rapidly turned tail and exited the store.
You can watch video of the incident right here, and notice, all of the action takes place in less than 5 seconds. That’s how quickly a life can turn upside down when criminals with guns enter the picture. If it hadn’t been for Groover’s training and presence of mind, he might have been the dead one, rather than the gunman who tried to rob his store.

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