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Monday, May 8, 2017

Leftists Lose Mind Over FCC Investigating Colbert

FAKE NEWS: No, The ‘Fascist’ FCC Isn’t Cracking Down On Stephen Colbert

Richard Boeth/CBS via Getty Images"The Late Show" with Stephen Colbert airing Tuesday February 28, 2017.
These are the headlines over the weekend from NBC News, The Hill, and Slate,
 respectively, regarding a new FCC investigation regarding a lewd joke by NBC 
late night comedian Stephen Colbert. Colbert, you’ll recall, joked that President
Trump was Vladimir Putin’s “c*** holster.”

There is something that these headlines seem to neglect: it is standard procedure
 for the FCC to investigate possible violations of regulation based on complaints
In other words, this wasn’t President Trump calling up the FCC and siccing the
 dogs on Colbert – it was members of the general public filing complaints with
 the FCC, and the FCC responding as it always does. In fact, FCC Chairman 
Ajit Pai said last Wednesday, “The FCC – outside of our decency rules – we 
don’t get into the business of regulating content…it’s a free country.” He added
“People are willing and able to say anything these days…That’s one of the things
 we have to respect going forward, what the courts have said about our legal 
power in this area. By and large, unless it’s indecent, profane, obscene under 
our rules or as interpreted by the Supreme Court, the FCC’s authority here is
 pretty limited.”
Yet the rumors continue to swirl that the Fascist Trump Nightmare has arrived.
 Facebook and Twitter are replete with Trump opponents convinced that the
 First Amendment has finally met its doom, with Colbert as the first martyr:

Don’t believe the rumors. If we’re truly worried about a crackdown on free
 speech, we should focus on Berkeley, where leftists have used the violent
 threat of Antifa to censor political opponents; Washington D.C., where Howard
 Dean is stating that “hate speech” isn’t protected by the First Amendment, 
and Democrats are attempting to stifle political spending during election 
season; and yes, the White House, where President Trump has said he 
wants to rewrite libel law. But the FCC and Stephen Colbert? Not a chance.