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Friday, January 6, 2017

Any City Or State That Defies Federal Law Should Be Prepared To Lose Government Dollars Regardless To The Legality Or Morality Of Their Stand.

Liberals in ‘SANCTUARY CITY’ Seattle 

Panicked – Could Lose Millions If 

They Don’t Follow Immigration Laws

Trump’s first day as president is quickly approaching. With it, reality is beginning to sink in for some liberals.
In Seattle, they’re starting to realize change is coming.
Seattle Weekly reports:
In late October, Trump promised to ‘cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities’
that is, cities like Seattle that work to shield undocumented immigrants from federal 
deportation police. As The Seattle Times’ Dan Beekman reported, in 2003 Seattle 
passed an ordinance that essentially tells city employees not to look into the immigration

status of anyone except suspected felons, though it also directs them to continue 
to ‘cooperate with, and not hinder, enforcement of federal immigration laws.’ . . .
If you use the city’s 2016 revised budget as a benchmark, part of what “all” appears
 to mean is a $37 million chunk of the city Human Services Department’s $144 million 
budget. That budget also lists $10 million in federal grant money as part of the city’s
 Transportation Master Plan. Additionally, our Department of Transportation was 
counting on a $75 million grant to pay for the Center City Streetcar, a $45 million 
grant to pay for the Lander Street bridge project, and smaller grants to pay for 
Madison Street Bus Rapid Transit. As we reported yesterday, the just-passed r
egional Sound Transit 3 plan assumes 13 percent of its budget, or $7 billion, 
will come from federal grants.”
That’s tens of millions that could be cut from Seattle’s budget.
A lot of cities rely on Federal funds for their budgets. But they don’t want 
to follow Federal laws.
Imagine the horror of the Left as they realize Federal funds come with
requirements. Imagine their horror that they must follow Federal immigration law.
It’s time for cities to follow Federal laws!