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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Are Muslims Planning An Attack After Trump Becomes President?

Obama and the likes of him would have you believe that the fear of terrorism is nonsense, because this is America and there is no such thing as a radical Islamist… oh and lets not forget that ISIS who is terrorizing the entire world, is just a JV team…and nothing to worry about.
However, many Americans refuse to be ignorant to the truth. One being Ryan Mauro of the Clarion Project, who reports that Muslims of America is an actual secret terrorist organization.
He claims that they are arming and training themselves to fight against Donald Trump once he gets into the White House. This group if said to be operating with 22 training grounds all found on US soil, and in every corner of the United States.
He also claims that this organization has ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda, and the leaders of this organization are reportedly making a lot of very disturbing orders.
The members who have dedicated themselves to the mission of this organization have been armed and trained and told that they need to be “prepared to fight” at any given time. We are told that this communication is made through a hidden language in order to keep it on the down-low. The question is, why? What are the secrets they are trying to hide?
It is disturbing and the organization has stated that law enforcement is a threat to them, so they have to communicate through this secret language. Leadership has also warned member to be prepared for the FBI to take actions to reopen its cases against them as a homegrown terrorist organization.
Interesting right?
If they have a fear that the FBI will have reason to re-open such a case against them, then they must have something to hide.
In all of this they are trying to avoid raising suspicion from law enforcement (uh…could have fooled me) and the leaders of the organization have reportedly told their members with criminal history NOT to enter the training grounds. This is so that law enforcement cannot use their presence as a valid reason to enter their training grounds.
Again..what are they hiding?
Maybe its the stockpile of weapons that Mauro reports the group has. However, Mauro reports many of them believe that their religious “end times” are coming, which might entail a fight with Donald Trump.
Ryan Mauro’s Clarion Project is dedicated to exposing these activities, and they promote Muslim voices who speak against such activities. To all of our patriotic Muslim readers, please get involved with the Clarion Project to discourage your fellows from joining Muslims of America. To all other patriots, stay safe!
I don’t know about you, but even though the danger is still very real and runs deep…knowing that Obama is leaving and being replaced with Donald Trump gives a certain sense of safety that we haven’t had for 8 years.
19 more days!
Check out this video…because the more you know, the better.