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Friday, January 6, 2017

Kapos: There Always Will Be Kapos. Shame On Them! Shame On Obama! Shame On Kerry!

January 5, 2017
The Committee for Truth and Justice
Seeking Justice Through Truth

Two weeks ago Barack Hussein Obama did to Israel and every Jew in the world what no other president of the USA had ever done. Hussein, who had full control of event, allowed the UN to make every Jew living in Judea and Samaria, about 400,000, to be breaking international law and therefore subject to penalty by international bodies, e.g.International Court at the Hague, and forcable removal by UN Security Forces. In addition, this new international law stole from Israel and Jewry all of Judaism's holy sites, e.g. Temple Mount, Cave of Machpehla, and Rachel's Tomb. Everyone knows that when the Arabs gets control of these sites the Arabs will destroy them as they have attempted to destroy every Jewish holy site under their control.
There has not been a more anti-Israel and anti-Semitic act by the world since WWII, and the president of the USA, Hussein Obama, was the architect and perpetrator of this anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism.
As we pointed out in the last Newsletter that Chanukah was not just about Greek aggression against Israel, it was about the betrayal of Israel and Jews by Jews. The UN vote has been a major dislcosure of the very same anti-Israelism and anti-Semitism by many of today's Jews and it proved our point presented last time.
One manifestation of the anti-Israelism of many Jews today has been the total silence of our JCRC (Jewish Commuinity Relations Council) which has been totally silent about this issue for two weeks now. What makes this so noticable and remarkable is that our Milwaukee JCRC always sends out e-mails to the Milwaukee Jewish Community when anything significant in the Jewish world occurs. The JCRC always takes positions on every issue even many that have nothing to do with Judaism or Israel.
So where are they and why?????????????????
To answer this one must know the background of the JCRC and its parent organization, the Milwaukee Jewish Federation (MJF). The head of the MJF, Hannah Rosenthal, was on the advisory board of J Street and was part of the Obama administration. In addition, the last Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle (WJC), the newspaper run by the MJF, had an entire issue criticizing the Trump victory even accusing trump of anti-Semitism. The clear conclusion is that the leaders of MJF are very poltical and are very pro-Democratic Party and pro-Obama.
Therefore, it is clear that the JCRC is befuddled. On the one hand, they know that Hussein Obama stabbed Israel in the back, and on the other hand almost everyone who is part of the leadership of the MJF, especially the head, i.e. Hannah Rosenthal, is a pro-Obama Democrat.
So just like during Chanukah 2150 years ago, the majority of Jews in our community have chosen the enemy of Israel over Israel. Once again the Jewish leadership has betrayed Israel. How can anyone who supports Israel not strongly condemn Obama and what he did????????
Some may say that Kerry's defense of Obama was correct that Israel can either be Democratic or Jewish but not both. However, this statement is based on lies which are based on false demographics perpetrated by the Arabs and believed by the West and Hellenistic Jews.We brought Yoram Ettinger to Milwaukee about one month ago who exposed this LIE with data. If you doubt this please watch the video of his presentation which we taped and placed on Youtube.
Ivan M. Lang
The Committee for Truth and Justice