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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Church Leaders Are Bending Over Backward Not To Insult Muslims. Capitulation Never Impresses Islam, It Only Encourages It

Priest out after 


to anti-Christian 

Koran reading 

in church


One of the biggest threats to Western countries losing their way
of life, their heritage as Muslim migration from the Middle
East, South Asia and North Africa continues, is the self-
censorship, placate at all costs views of many Westerners.
Call it the bend over backwards to accommodate way of doing
things and this story I am about to tell you may be the craziest
Watch as I tell you the story of a Christian priest who
 was forced out of a job for objecting to a Muslim reading
 from the Koran in a Christian church.
The verse in question says Jesus is not the Son of God, a
 key pillar of the Christian faith.
Think about that.
In the end, it may seem like a small story on the other side of
 the ocean but this story matters. It is symbolic of what is
 happening around the world.
People want to come to free Western nations like Britain,
 like the United States and like Canada to enjoy the values, 
the way of life we have built.
And then too many leaders in our society crumble, capitulate,
bend over backwards even to change our society without even
being asked by the people they claim they are acting for.
This Reverend spoke up for his faith and for that, he lost an
important, even if most symbolic job and title.
It’s a warning of what we can expect when we have leaders
 that refuse to stand firm.
Photo Credit: TripAdvisor